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The benefits of ZoomKit portable activity table

This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own

I hope you become as excited as I am at how much easier and organized traveling with kids is about to become! It is bad enough with the older boys-teenagers have electronics, cases, cords and bags, but the 7 year old has toys, books, electronics, snacking every 30 minutes, cups and more in the car when we travel. Just 2 boys in the back seat will look like my car burst from the inside out in no time at all. I have spent money on totes, seat pockets and bags with lots of pockets and nothing seemed to keep their items organized. The teen can reach and pick things up to stay organized, but a younger child in a booster seat while driving cannot. He is the one I needed to get organized. This past weekend we took the boys camping and had a long drive to get to the coast. We finally drove and stayed organized! That is because my ZoomKIT came just the day prior so I had it on the trip.
The ZoomKIT is a portable activity table with add on trays for art, snacks and more. It works with booster seats, chairs, strollers or stand alone to keep your child entertained. My son is 7 and loves it! From about 18 months-7 or 8 years of age, the ZoomKIT will store crayons, toys, snacks, art and 
more on-the-go. 
The base comes in turquoise and fuchsia with a storage tray in the starter box. The trays you can insert and add on are the ZoomSNACK, ZoomART: Space Magic, ZoomIN Inserts and there is also a ZoomTOTE to carry them and store. The tops stay secure so nothing falls out as they are stored or shifting in the car. There is a strap that loosely wraps around your child from behind so the ZoomKIT stays in place while driving. 
Because we travel a lot, I see us using our ZoomKIT for a long time to come. Once he grows out of it, we will pass it off to his little cousins. The durability of the table and kits will last a long time. I have been sent a lot of organizational products in the past and I can honestly say that every family needs this system. Even if you do not travel often, it is great to carry and set up in a chair in a waiting room or for a child as an inpatient in a bed. The uses for this table are endless. 
Learn more and gift a ZoomKIT to a family you know today! They will thank you many times over!
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