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The benefits of oil pulling with GuruNanda

This is a promotional post for GuruNada. I was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own

When you see detox products advertised, do you feel interested but have no idea the concept behind the purpose of detoxing? Do you link detoxing to weight loss tactics only? Detoxification has so many benefits, it is hard to find some organ or cell within your body that does not benefit from some method of detoxification. It is a regimen that has been practiced for thousands of years and rightly so. Our bodies get used and sometimes abused by our actions and just simple daily tasks from eating to working outdoors in the elements and around pollutants. We don’t use utensils or clothing without rinsing to make them clean again and there are many ways we can do this for our own bodies. If you think about it, to not do some sort of detox at various times of the year, our bodies just have toxins sitting and building as germs would on a piece of clothing if we were to wear it over and over again without washing it. Probably a weak analogy, but relative to start!
There are many ways our bodies release toxins that build up: Perspiration, Urination, Respiration and Exertion (our PURE system). When too many toxins build up, our body has trouble finding where to store them. When your body does not know what to do with any excess waste or toxins, it send them to fat cells. These cells multiply as they become ‘full’ of toxins and this is where the term you may have heard before-‘toxic fat’-comes from. This is a great self-defense strategy for our organs and blood circulation that may otherwise get these toxins, but storing these fat cells has disadvantages of their own. 
Weight gain! The reason is that toxic fat cells are the hardest to burn off. You have toxins build up, your body takes the extra you could not release in your PURE system, so it sends it to fat cells. These fat cells multiply the more the toxins build and weight gain can be the effect. What is even worse is that in another process happening, your body sends water around these toxic fat cells and that causes inflammation. Inflammation in the body has a huge amount of disadvantages all in itself creating this viscous cycle of unhealthy responses inside your body.
About GuruNada Pulling Oil
  • First commercialized pulling oil
  • Incorporates oils with healing properties related to major elements
  • 100% organic sunflower, coconut, peppermint and sunflower oils
  • Together the oils pull toxins from the salivary glands (where many toxic fat cells are stored)
  • Balancing of oils to produce the best effect of pulling
There is so much more to learn about the benefits of oil pulling and as you read above you realize how hard it is to burn toxic fat cells, so pulling the toxins from these cells is a huge advantage to detoxifying your body.
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