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The Benefits of NEW Dry Antiperspirant Sprays #TRYDRY

This is a promotional post for Walmart New Dry Sprays and I have been compensated by Global Influence. All opinions are 100% my own

How do you shop for deodorants? Do you shop by the type or scent? Perhaps you shop by what’s on sale? I shop by the type of deodorant as that is how I prefer as well as my husband and teen son. Shopping for the guys can be hard as I have to check and make sure it is a solid gel as it was the only one that they felt did not leave residue. Then a while ago, my husband said he saw a commercial for the new dry spray antiperspirants and thought that may even work better than what they use. Since then, I had a chance to head to Walmart and check out their dry spray antiperspirant selections and have purchased some for myself and husband.
My husband is a Regional Manager for a major auto retailer. He often gives meetings and courses to employees and having those awkward moments of sweat and uncontrolled heat in a meeting room can lead to embarrassing situations. Just a few weeks ago, he was at a conference in St Lois. He had to get up in front of hundreds of company employees of all levels and give out awards. He had spent the day giving lectures and now stood on a stage that had bright, hot lights aimed at their direction. It was him and a couple other guys and he had not done well at eating much that day. He says he stood there, the heat of the lighting hitting him and he started sweating and got lightheaded. He actually had to remove himself from the stage and get water. It is in moments like these that adding visible sweat under your arms or neck just makes it so much worse.
Walmart has all the dry spray brands you love. My husband had been wanting a change as his other anitperspirant was causing him to break out under his arms. He now uses the Axe dry spray and has had no issues now. It goes on dry and does not wear off. The scents are great and carry us through a day of work and evening gym run.
Benefits of a dry spray antiperspirant
  • Goes on instantly dry
  • No visible residue
  • 48-hour protection
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No water, wax or alcohol
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You can visit the Walmart Dry Spray landing page to see all of the brands and scents as well as watch some videos and have access to the 100% satisfaction guarantee information.
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