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The 5 Ways to use Rock-A-Bums Bomb Shell 5-in1 Diaper System

This is a promotional post for Rock-A-Bums

Whether you prefer disposable or cloth diapers, the Rock-A-Bums diaper systems are a great diaper item to have on hand. They have a few options on how you can buy and use the Rock-A-Bums sets and I will show you all of the ways. I have the Punk Plaid Green which is a stunning pattern and there are so many colors and patterns to choose from.
Rock-A-Bums as a standard diaper: Do you use disposable, but wish you could have a cover to add a little style? Simply have a Rock-A-Bums shell on hand and wrap over the disposable diaper. It has a wide crotch area so it fully covers even the diapers with ruffles to catch all that may run through. When soiled, toss your disposable and wash your shell.
Rock-A-Bums Pocket & Hybrid: Do you still like the disposable function, but want to only use Rock-A-Bum shells. You can purchase the disposable inserts as well as the shells and as the diaper is soiled, you take out and toss the disposable insert and wash the shell. Inserts can lay right against the skin with the shell on the outer or you can insert the disposable insert into the pocket of the shell and just pull it out to toss it.
Rock-A-Bum All-in-One: The Rock-A-Bum 5-in-1 system comes with very durable reusable inserts. Each insert and pocket area of the shell has a snap end. Simply snap the reusable insert and slip it into the pocket. The snap helps prevent shifting of the insert as your child is on the move. Once soiled, just take the diaper off-no need to touch the soiled insert, the wash will shift and allow the insert to be cleaned while still in the pocket! You didn’t want to reach in and grab that insert out anyway before washing, did you? Ewww!
Rock-A-Bum All-in-two: The same instructions as the all-in-one, however snap a second reusable insert to the other end of the shell pocket and overlap the 2 insert. Double the protection for the real messy flows!

More washing tips!

Remember, with the reusable inserts, you can keep them in the pocket as you wash. No need to handle the soiled diaper! The pocket is open on both ends of the shell and it will wash completely. If there are solids in the soiled diaper, just shake off into the toilet and throw the entire set into the soil bag you can get from Rock-A-Bum shop to wash.

If you have a Mom of a diaper-aged child to shop for or if those sagging disposables your child runs around in need more style and support, Rock-A-Bums are great gifts! The styles are adorable and the material is very high quality! Remember Rock-A-Bums this holiday season! I know a 6 month old nephew of mine who will be sporting this Punk Plaid Green Rock-A-Bum after he opens his holiday gifts this year!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was sent a sample. All opinions are 100% my own
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