Ten Years From Now…..

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Ten years from now my Boys will be 30, 25 and 14! Crazy to think about that..good thing I will only be 35! 🙂 OK, not really! Although, to still look 35 wouldn’t be a bad goal to accomplish 10 years from now.

Ten years from now, if I stay on my NEW budget plan we started this month, which is to save money, we will have $48,000 in liquid savings. Our home will be paid off and no more car payment. Fat Chance, actually on the car payment as I have a husband that recycles cars like no one else! 

Ten years from now, I will not have let my weight slide. I am pretty happy at my weight, just not my strength and I want to be in the same situation if not better in the future. Just fear, time can take over and I am only in worse shape.

Ten years from now I hope to go to bed at night and know my Boys turned out alright!

Ten years from now, sickness has not taken as many lives because Medicine has advanced and more cures have been found! AND-my boys have access to good healthcare during their young ages as well as my parents in their old ages!

Ten years from now, I’d hope we still have our Parents with us!

…and Ten Years from Now my husband & I are still blessed with our good health!

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8 thoughts on “Ten Years From Now…..”

  1. Wow! Great goals! I fear 10 years from now… aside from being 10 years older than I want to be and having a 17 year old, 14 year old and almost 10 year old… eep!

  2. Those are great hopes and dreams for ten years from now. It is hard to think what i would want ten years from now. My kids will be 19, 17, and 13. That's scary to see that they will be starting to embark on their own independent lives. Uhm….not ready for them to grow up. lol.

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