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Tell Tale Disney-Pixar Toy Story game from Blue Orange Games #HolidayGiftGuide

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Does your child love games? Do you need independent games as well as group games? Are you a teacher who wants to encourage story building? Tell Tale Storytelling Card Games from Blue Orange Games can satisfy all of those needs. While your kids get more toys they can play with, give them a game that teaches and they will have a blast playing.
Tell Tale Storytelling cards are great for 1-8 players. My son will sit for quite a while by himself and create stories and make voices of the characters. There are 100 detailed illustrated cards with figures, settings and actions just waiting for your child’s imagination to bring them to life. It also comes with 4 game suggestions to play. You can play Once Upon a Tale and compete for the best story. You can play Showtime where each player chooses a card from their own pile to continue a group story. You can also play Storyboard where you keep rearranging the same 6 cards to re-write a story. However you choose to create a game, these cards are great for story building skills.
Find Tell Tale cards for Disney-Pixar Toy Story, Fairy Tales, Disney Princess and original family theme.
Remember Tell Tales and the other learning games offered by Blue Orange this season. My son loves Pengaloo from Blue Orange as well. They have so many games we love playing as a family and you will love them too! 
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