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Teen Titans Go Costume Review at Costumes4Less

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I recently used credit at Costumes4Less and allowed my son to choose any costume. Funny how the one’s I thought he would choose was not what he ultimately chose. He loves action cartoons and I let him watch them because he is the best TV watcher compared to his older brothers. He hardly ever just sits in front of the TV. He is an active TV watcher. He will put on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for example and then bring me his Dad’s robe tie and 2 couch pillows because he is all over the house looking to find ‘turtle shells’ to wear so he can act out the show as a turtle. He will find his Avenger costumes while watching super heros and today he even put on his Karate uniform to watch Ninjago and jumped all around mimicking their moves! For his costume choice- he chose Teen Titans Go-Cyborg. The costume fit as I expected and it was quality material. No flaws and the mask is durable as well.

About Costumes4Less
  • Offer more that 18,000 costumes
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  • Also find Lingerie, shoes and party supplies.
  • Don’t forget your pets-you can find many affordable pet costumes!
Costumes4Less prides themselves on their wide selections and affordable prices. Get all your costume needs for the whole family and Fido in one site!
To learn more and see their selections, visit
Also follow their Facebook and Twitter page to stay up to date on promotions!

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3 thoughts on “Teen Titans Go Costume Review at Costumes4Less”

  1. Hey, that's a good looking costume! The older my children get their desired costumes get more and more elaborate. I need to check out this site. Thanks for sharing the info.!

    Happy to have found you through VoiceBoks FB group :->

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