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Teddy Tries a Veggie children’s book

This is a promotional post. I read the book for this post

by Jennifer Glockner, RDN
Release date: July 2015 
Are you the parent of a picky eater? Worse yet, is it vegetables that you can’t seem to get your child to eat? I have a son who will eat anything from sushi, broccoli, asparagus and crab. Many things children do not like my son will eat, but as he loves seafood and veggies he is not a big meat eater! I am always envied by friends and families when they are around my son and watch him willing to try something new, but because he eats uncommon foods, even I struggle with protein and other foods he is not fond of and I can’t afford sushi and lamb every night! Every parent faces this struggle one way or another. My brother is a Chef and 2 of his 3 boys (the 3rd is only 1) won’t try anything new so you can imagine his frustrations! 
September is Fruits and Veggies- More Matters Month. The Author of Teddy Tries a Veggies-the first in a series of ebooks about children and nutrition-knows our struggles and hopes she can help with stories we can share with our children.
From the Author
As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I created Smartee Plate, an e-book series for children, to inspire a love for healthy eating. The series introduces 4–8 year olds and their families to basic nutritional concepts in an interactive, fun, and whimsical way, using a format children can easily digest.“- Jennifer Glockner
Teddy Tries a Veggie is about a 5 year old girl who loves gardening, but hates to eat what she grows. One day she comes across a band of veggies performing and rocking out in her garden and that turns into an adventure that ends in Teddy encouraged and motivated to not just try one veggie but to eat many fruits and veggies at once. Within the story, your child will learn some terminology around healthy eating such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. The moral is that eating many fruits and vegetables together allow them to work together and perform their best.
Find out more about Smartee Plate and how to download your copy of Teddy Tries a Veggie at

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