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Tech21 Impact Band will protect your device without the extra bulk

This is a promotional post for Tech2. Any opinions are 100% my own

Do you need better cell phone protection, but hate the bulky cases that come with proper protection? I hate the bulky cases and have left my phone very little protection to avoid many oversized varieties. Tech21 brings you a phone ‘band’. It is called the Impact Band. You can hardly call it a case because it wraps the phone so beautifully, you do not loose the looks of your phone or have a case that oversizes your phone. 
Tech21 knows you bought your phone not just for the functions, but the size and look of it as well. It is why we have color choices for many phones. We want to add a bit of our personality to that device we will carry around with us wherever we go. This is why they created a case that keeps that look of your phone visible through the band. This case is on my son’s phone and you can see how well it bands over his phone…

Features of the Tech21 Impact Band
  • D3O® impact material that absorbs and dissipates impact
  • Fits slim and leaves access to all controls on the device
  • Advanced TPU formula for excellent flexibility and abrasive resistance
  • Iconic band design with removable clear back plate if you want the extra scratch protection
  • Available in a variety of colors for a range of devices
For the clumsy teenager or busy college student and the device you share with young kids or for the heavy-labor worker, the Tech21 Impact Band case is the perfect fit (pardon the pun) for any device that could otherwise suffer devastating damage if dropped or bounced around.
If this case is still not for you, visit Tech21 for other advanced technological solutions for your device!
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided sample. Any opinions are my own

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