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Teaching Maya to Walk on a Leash Without Pulling

We have 2 Whoodles, Maya and Leah. They are very energetic Poodle/Wheaten pups and while Leah is great at leash walking, Maya is the puller. We learned very fast that she cannot be walked with a collar and leash as that is very dangerous for her neck and trachea the way she pulls. Using a harness is the safest way for your dog to walk on a leash without pulling.

Not every harness will help you out with a dog that leash pulls. I have had to do a lot of research and read the reviews to look for a few things – fit, comfort and clip placements. This is because if a harness does not have the right fit you now risk shoulder and neck injuries when they pull with a harness. If it is uncomfortable the dog will refuse to walk and you may end up pulling which is hard on the shoulders too. The clips, I find, work best with Maya when I can clip the leash to her chest clip and not all harnesses have a ring on the chest for the leash.

Given all of that, I am now using the Adjustable Health Harness from Frenchiestore (you can use Mayas savings code: PARENTINGHEALTHY and save 10%).

See these features I loved most!

  • Double breakaway indestructible buckles with the latest safe technology. 
  • Dual D rings for a no choke, no pull walk.
  • Both neck and belly straps adjusts to your dogs body. 
  • 3 O rings to keep the harness in place.
  • Back D ring moved upwards to avoid touching the dog’s fur.
  • Buckles on the same side to make this harness a step in.
  • New method of placement of the front D ring.

There are more features, but these are the ones that stand out for me when harness shopping. The design of her harness and leash is called, Mermazing in the online store. Adorable isn’t it? At her last Vet appointment her own Doctor stopped to comment on how much she loved the harness. Frenchiestore Health Harnesses are vet-approved and that is important to note.

Remember to use the code: PARENTINGHEALTHY at Frenchiestore to save 10%!

Comment: Samples were sent for feature. Opinions are my own

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