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Teaching kindness with the Tacky Box

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tacky Box Campaign for Kindness and I was provided with the following product for review. All opinions are 100% my own

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My son has joined the Campaign for Kindness with his #TackyBoxKindness. The tacky box relates to tacky words or bad words, hurtful words, potty mouth or whatever you refer to words of disrespect with your children. The tacky box is a sort of lock box. Take the words you hear or say and lock them in this box to never be said again. Here is how out Tacky Box came to be.
Because I have a son, I received the Max’s Magnificent Choice kit. There is a Margo for girls.

We read the story of Max’s Magnificent Choice. He had a hard time making friends and we learned why. He was not making good choices with his words. Once he took his tacky words and forever locked them away in his tacky box, he learned good words to use in their place. Dis Max’s friends forgive him? Find out in the story!
The last page encourages your child to get to work and decorate their own tacky box.
#kindness #voiceBoks #spon
We had a discussion on words he has heard at school or used or heard in the book and we started writing them down and putting them in the tacky box. He promises to never use these words. He informed me there is kid (in a different Kindergarten class) that always calls him and other kids names. I asked if this boy has friends and he said that he does not have many, “Nobody wants to play with him. He is mean.” I was able to discuss with him that, like Max, this boy is not making good choices and told him the next time he hears the boy use a tacky word that it is OK to say “You know we would like playing with you if you used nicer words to everyone”. Perhaps this boys peers can teach him. 
#kindness #voiceBoks #spon
The Campaign for Kindness with Tacky Box is about respect at a young age. To teach that words hurt and to open the discussion with your child. This kit gives all the tools a cild needs to retain what they learn. They can Hear a story, Write the words, Actively create a tacky box and lock away their tacky words and See the expressions and attitudes in the illustrations throughout the book.
My Thoughts

My son is the target age for the Tacky Box. He is halfway through his kindergarten year which is exactly the age that the creator of this product’s daughter was when she came up with this concept as her daughter brought home a bad word one day. I can see why this worked so well for her daughter and how the kindness began to naturally grow. As I mentioned above, I read the story of Max the Monkey to my son and it opened up a discussion. He informed my of a schoolmate that has been nasty to all the kids and him. My son is very social and kind, but I know he gets in his pouty moods and I cannot be on the playground to witness his actions towards others. I feel he is more kind then not, but he really opened up to this Tacky Box concept and began telling me stories.
The best tool to use with a young child is conversation and an action to go along with it and the Tacky Box provides that. It is the weekend as I write this and already, he came to me and said that when he gets to go back to school Monday, he will look out for words for his box. He already wants to spread the word and loved decorating is own box. It sits on the center near his games in the Living room for all to see and question.
The Tacky Box Story

Mom and creator of the Tacky Box, Chris Phelps, witnessed her daughters first 4-letter word one day halfway through her kindergarten year. In an impromptu reaction to reaction to teach a lesson right then and there she thought of the Tack Box idea. Her daughter reacted positively to this idea and it proved to work. It grew from there. Her son also joined his sister in using the tack box to not just refrain from 4-letter words but from tacky phrases and actions. Soon her children began sharing the kindness and encouraging their friends with news of their tacky box at home.
So, because Chris and her mother knew all parents face this same obstacle they decide to share this idea and create a story so every parent can use this technique with their kids. Chris’ mother has a background in education and professional art and she came up with Max & Margo the monkey to tell her granddaughters story in a book. Then Chris friends who also witnessed the success of the tacky box in Chris’ home offered to join in and together they all perfected and made available the Tacky Box so all parents can benefit and use this method.
Campaign for Kindness

It is the creators of Tacky Box’s intention to arm all kindergarteners with a Tacky Box of their own to use at home. They are discounting their products to educators so that they can teach the lessons of choosing kind words within the classroom.
If you are an educator, individual or small business who wants to support the placement of Tacky Boxes in a kindergarten classroom in a district near you, contact Chris at and join in the Campaign for Kindness before harmful words impact one more child in lasting ways.
To order your tacky box and join in on the Campaign for Kindness, visit the Tacky Box Shop

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15 thoughts on “Teaching kindness with the Tacky Box”

  1. I'm so happy to see 'stupid' in there. I tell my son not to use that word and everyone laughs at me, but it's not nice. I don't like it. 🙂

    The box is a good idea!

  2. I love this idea! With a 2nd grader trying out all sorts of new words she hears at school, on the bus, and from other adults…now I've also got a mockingbird 4 year old copying her sister. We have a running list of words that aren't okay at our house like stupid, jerk, retard, and others. It's important to teach them that these are useless words that really don't mean anything specific…they are just used to hurt people.

  3. I also like the idea and agree the conversation is just as important as the action. I remember some of those words and middle school. And they sting.

  4. We love what this stands for and what it teaches. FANTASTIC post and review! Anything that helps our children grow into kind, polite people are always such a great thing.

  5. I love this idea! This is such a perfect way for us to teach our little ones to always be kind and polite. Thank you for the awesome review of the Tacky Box!

  6. I have never heard about Tacky Box…Wondery why? Thank you so much for sharing this.. I am going to make a box for my elder one now as he has started his nursery …

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