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Teaching Kids about Finances: Blue Chip Kids book

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Blue Chip Kids
by David W. Bianchi
Release Date: March 2015
The money talk! We should have it with our kids, but how? Do YOU understand how the stock market works and unless you have ever borrowed on loan and bought a house, would you know how to educate your child on these subjects? It is a tough topic, yet if we do not talk to our kids about money and the dangers (and good), then who will? The schools do not! Friends won’t, but creditors will target your child as early as they can with enticing credit loans.
We have 3 boys ages 7, 17 and 23. The older boys won’t touch credit unless talking about it with us. Our oldest has 2 credit sources because we recommended he does as soon as we knew he was making money and self-sufficient with rent. We taught him about credit building so he has cards. He knows that if he has the money he can use the card instead-building history- then takes the cash he has and uses it to pay the card back. At his age interest is not great so he will do this on smaller purchases. It has been a few years and he has yet to overuse the accounts.
How to teach your children about money!
I could leave you tips and pointers, but as I mention earlier, unless you are an expert or knowledgeable I say don’t follow simple tips! The best advice I can give you is to educate yourself first! The easiest way to do this is with Blue Chip Kids by David W. Bianchi! This book has every money topic from stocks, employment, mortgage, banks, creditors and more! Everything you need to teach your child is in this book and you will learn a lot along the way as well. I do recommend reading it on your own first, then share this with your child in the best way you know that they will understand. Perhaps tackle a topic a night or a topic a week over a weekly Fro-Yo run!


From the Author
“We need a ‘money smart’ society and anything we can do to better educate our young people about how to earn, manage and invest their money in the future will help us all.  Blue Chip Kids is a great way to start the education process.”  – David W. Bianchi
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