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Tandoor Chef Indian Cuisine foods celebrates Holi

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Whether you need a quick lunch for a gluten-free, vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan diet, Tandoor Chef has delicious and nutritious options for you. Tandoor Chef offers frozen appetizers, entrees and NAAN (breads). It is restaurant-quality food with the Indian flavors that you can enjoy from your home or office. They pride themselves on offering the curry, chutney and other traditional Indian spices you love for all diets. 
I chose to try the naan (bread) and Malai Kofta. The NAAN was ready in my pre-heated oven in 2 minutes and paired perfectly with these vegetable/cheese patties smothered in a rich, mildly spicy sauce. It was delicious and I couldn’t keep my 5 year old away either. At first I saw these 4 patties and wondered how it would fill me up. I was completely satisfied. The sauce was rich and I had enough to offer my son a bite or two.I used my fork to cut these up and eat them on my NAAN. So delicious! 
Tandoor Chef Malai Kofta & NAAN

March 17th is Holi and the family of Tandoor Chef wants you to learn more about this Festival of Colors. Enjoy the infographic below and get into your own colorful spirit!

You can order Tandoor Chef frozen products online or at many retailers nationwide. Head to Tandoor Chef to learn more and find a product near you!

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Thank you for your review. I love Indian food!

Cindy Batchelor

Mmm this looks so good! I love indian food, especially since most of its vegetarian!

Patricia Salyers

this looks so yummy and it doesn't seem as though it would be too expensive which is a plus for me!


I have seen this brand in the store and wondered about it. I will definitely try the NAAN and one of the less spicy entrees now that you have told us how good it is.

Lame Shrill Owl

I love curries! I would really like to try this. I wonder if my grocery store carries it.

DeDa Studios

I have never tried these. I will check them out during my next trip to the market.

Ave T

This looks really delicious! Have to try them out! Hope they are sold here.

Erinn Sluka

They have a retail locator. I found mine at Safeway and also have at our smaller Haggen chain