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Talking Anya brings 3D Interaction for your little girl to your Apple devices

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Talking Anya iPhone/iPod/iPad App

There re so many features to the new FREE App: Talking Anya & her pet puppies and I will try to list them all in as organized a manner as I can. My 5 year old son plays with Anya on my iPhone and loves it. As we speak he is having a blast recording his voice then watching Anya play it back to him. He keeps singing “Everything is Awesome…” and Anya sings back his exact words. He is cracking up right beside me over this feature.

The features of the Talking Anya & her pet puppies App
  • Dress her up-change hair styles, color and clothing
  • She’ll repeat what you say in record mode
  • Feed her Strawberries and Cupcakes-she’ll ask for more 🙂
  • Play bubbles by popping the ones she blows
  • Play the Maracas
  • Take a selfie with her and frame it to save in photos
  • Sing and dance the Macharena with her-disco setting!
  • Tickle her and she will giggle
  • Rub her nose and she will sneeze
  • Play with her hair and she makes funny faces
  • Tap her feet and she will dance
  • She says “I love you”
  • She gets sad if you sit idle and don’t play with her
  • Get into a snowball fight with a friend (Add-on)
  • Twirl the phone to play Hula Hoop (Add-on)
  • Play with 5 adorable puppies (Add-on)
  • Have fun with the pets and play games with your puppies (Add-on)
  • Parent mode-to obtain additional features and unlock more opportunities
There are so many ways to interact with Anya that your kids will be entertained for quite a while. The Add-ons are very inexpensive and once unlocked, give them full access to everything. In free mode, there is still so much available to them.

Talking Anya & her pet puppies can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod or iPad from the iTunes store!
Download her now and watch your children gain an instant new friend!

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