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Take your children on a journey through Space and the Human Body

This is a promotional post. I was sent the below titles

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
A Journey Through Space children’s book
I have a son who is 7 and in the second grade they get very little science and history as they are still building the reading and math fundamentals. At home I like to supplement that so we love to read non-fictions about history, the world and science. These two new science titles from John Haslam and Steve Parker will take your child on fun journeys as they learn about space and the human body.
Release date: 10//9/2015
Learn about rockets, the Moon, our Galaxy and more through this children’s book that begins the understanding of our space. It has 48 pages and ideal for grades 1-3.
A Journey Through the Human Body with fold out poster
Release date: 10/9/2015
Learn about our skin, respiratory system, muscles and movement, bones and senses in this book packed with kid-friendly information about our bodies and what makes us move, think and speak. It has 48 pages and a free pull out poster. Ideal for grades 1-3.
Books are always great to wake up to on the Holidays and these books will teach and enrich your child through the subject of science. Keep these titles in mind as you shop books this season!


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