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Tailgating with Vivitar Bluetooth Remote Selfie Stick

This is a promotional post. I was sent product.

Have you ever tailgated at your favorite sports game? It’s one of the best sports traditions and there are a few things you will find at a Tailgating event-crowds, food, beverages and cameras. Your camera can capture fans dressed in spirit wear and fun memories you will remember for years to come. A great way to take a picture of a crowd you are a part of or a wide scene view is from a high point and a selfie stick can get you that shot. 
When shopping for a selfie stick there are a few things to consider within the features. The first thing to consider is length. The longer the stick reach, the better the view for the perfect shot. The Vivitar VIV-TR-420-RED Selfie with Wireless Shutter Release  has a 40″ reach which is a great length! You can adjust it shorter if you need. The other feature is a selfie stick to consider is a shutter feature to snap that picture-if your phone is 40″ away you cannot reach the shutter button so you need that feature within the selfie stick itself. This Vivitar model has a remote. One button works for iOS smartphones and the other button controls Android based smartphones. 
I could have taken such better shots had I brought a 40″ reach selfie stick with me to our Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Parade last year. It would have allowed me a shot around the wall or up over crowds. 

Choose your favorite color and grab that selfie stick you have been wanting to get. It has all of the features you need. Available on Amazon and other retailers!
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