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Toddler Pillow To Help Children Sleep Better

I have partnered with Sleep ZZZ Pillow for feature

Toddler Pillow To Help Children Sleep Better

You may have seen Twin Z Pillow on ABC’s show Shark Tank! The Sleep Zzz Pillow is their popular kids sleep pillow (ages 3 and up) that surrounds your child with the snuggly softness and security of their very own body pillow sized perfectly for them! This pillow helps kids fall asleep faster and most importantly STAY asleep providing a more restful nights sleep for your child and you! Everyone wins! See more in the video below….

Right out of the package you can feel the softness of the pillow and immediately you want one in an adult size (yet they have an adult pillow)! I plan to give mine to my nephew for his 4th birthday (maybe my brother and SIL can have their bed back to themselves if E likes it), but my almost 10 year old saw it and would not let go of it.

There is an adult pillow and several color and design options for the kids pillows as well as extra cover options available to choose from.

Keeping the pillow clean is as easy as removing the cover and using your washing machine.

$5 OFF Coupon – Sleep Zzz Pillow Special! – Save $5 off your Sleep Zzz Pillow purchase and enjoy a more restful nights sleep for the whole family! Use Code: SLEEPY at Sleep ZZZ Pillow!

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Bedding Gifts for Kids and Adults from Protect-A-Bed

I have partnered with Protect-A-Bed for this feature in the #HolidayGiftGuide and received product

Bedding Gifts for Kids and Adults from Protect-A-Bed

Bedding Gifts for Kids and Adults from Protect-A-Bed

Here we are again. Another holiday season and lists of loved ones to shop for. Let me share some bedding gifts for kids and adults from Protect-A-Bed.

The 4 Box Gift Limit

This year we changed our holiday shopping up for our youngest-the last one left at home. I am following in my brother and SIL footsteps in the way they shop for their 3 boys. 4 boxes with a gift in each: something they want, something they need, something that teaches and something to read. Three of those boxes are self-explanatory but in the box of something they need is sometimes a few things. Underwear, jacket or room decor/new bedding.

I have not decided yet on what I will put in Anthony’s ‘need’ box this season but had I not updated his bedding for back to school I would have been doing it for the holidays.

Better Bedding = Better Sleep 

Anthony has always been a child that requires very little sleep so it is a priority of mine to make sure the sleep he does get is quality and comfortable. I cannot emphasize enough the difference in his sleep when last spring we bought him a new mattress and kids quality pillow. I did this after investing in quality bedding and a Sleep Number bed for my husband and I and instantly had better sleep. Bedding was the key and if it helped my husband and I we knew it would help our son with his own quality sleep.

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Since the start of this school year as he entered grade 4, he began sleeping in the Crisp Hypoallergenic Tencel® Lyocell Sheets. What a fancy name for a child! But because we also started using this sheet set on our own bed it made sense to offer him the same new comfort.

These sheets come with a fitted, flat sheets and 2 pillow cases and in ivory, white, grey and blue in different sizes to fit your bed. On the Protect-A-Bed website I learned that 100% Tencel lyocell fabric has natural origins with soft, smooth fibers for sensitive skin, and is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and inhibits bacteria growth. What does this mean? My son does not overheat in summer and body heat stays under control for warmth in the winter. Plus I trust that the little boy body residue is not creating a bacteria pool within the sheets. These sheets are easy to clean and will last him a long time. Anything to inhibit bacteria in a growing boy is essential after raising 2 older stepsons, trust me!

My new pillow 

Oh and I have my own new fun besides these same quality sheets. I have a pillow that has proven a blessing in getting me through a sleep with less neck pain from my slipped discs and shoulder nerve pain I get. The Protect-A-Bed Snow Cooling Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam Fill.

Poor pillows and position is the number one cause of my neck and shoulder pain. I have had constant relief of pain with this pillow. I am so grateful for that it was sent to me and if you need a gift idea this season for someone you know cold use a quality pillow (which is just about everyone at any age), I can highly recommend this pillow. It truly performs. Visit Protect-A-Bed for more great gift ideas for the entire family.

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Baby Sleep Aid – Ewan the Dream Sheep

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ewan pic

Meet Ewan. He is a sleep aid that wants to help get your baby and toddler to sleep with sounds and light. There are many sound and light nursery products around, but Sweet Dreams uses proven levels of sound and light that truly soothe baby.


The 4 soothing sounds can also be combined. The sounds are real womb and real heartbeat, rain, vacuum cleaner and music. Each foot pressed will activate the sounds or combination. The light is a soft, pink comforting glow. You use his tail to hang from crib, stroller, car seat and even pacifiers and carriers.

Ewan really has a realistic womb/heartbeat sounds that makes a great sleep aid for baby and toddler. I can’t help but think just how soothing this would be to an infant. The light and sounds will play for 20 minutes then auto shut off. It operates on 3 AAA batteries.

sleep aid

~ See Ewan (sleep aid) in Action ~

 ~ Where to buy ~

Ewan the Sleep Sheep is now available in the US and I found him at Amazon. Visit Sweet Dreams to learn more.

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Relax Home Life Shredded Down Alternative Poly Fill Pillow

Sample sent for feature

bamboo relax pillow

I am almost done with my shopping and still need only a few gifts to get. I needed one more for my dad so I talked to my Mom for ideas. She says that every year I had always bought him a new pillow and last year I did not buy him one. I didn’t continue the tradition because I honestly wondered if he really needed a new one each year and perhaps I was being too redundant. My Mom had told me that my Dad already hinted wanting to know if he might get a pillow this year from me. Turns out he loved his new pillows and wasn’t just saying that to be nice.

bamboo bed pillow

This season my Dad is being gifted this Shredded Poly Fill Pillow with Bamboo Cover from Relax Home Life. Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper Relax at Home has the right pillow for you made with nothing but quality and comfort.

bamboo shredded poly fill

More about Relax at Home pillows:

  • Made with Breathable Bamboo Fabric so you won’t wake up in a sweat
  • Every pillow Molds and Aligns to any sleep style including sleeping on your stomach, back or side.
  • Pillows can Provide Relief from issues with snoring, insomnia, migraines, neck and back pain, allergies and TMJ.
  • BAMBOO Pillows Are Machine Washable.
  • 5 Year Never-Goes-Flat Warranty

relax home bamboo

 If you are like me you want to feel and rub your hands down a brand new pillow. I love how soft this bamboo cover is and it is just like a hotel-quality feel. It has a double zipper that works to allow you to adjust the height of the pillow. It is machine washable and comes in King and Queen sizes. It is a breathable pillow that molds and aligns to your sleep style no matter what position you prefer-side, stomach or back.


My readers save 15% and I only have 15 discounts to offer. Hurry over to take advantage of this offer for the first 15 readers only! Visit Shredded Down Alternative Poly Fill Pillow >>

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SwaddleDesigns Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack #Giveaway

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SwaddleDesigns-zzZipMe-Sack | Parenting Healthy |

At about 3 months an infant will need to transition from swaddling and yet experts still suggest using a wearable blanket for the next several months. A proper wearable will help regulate body temperature, keep baby feeling cozy and you don’t have to fuss with undone blankets and sheets. SwaddleDesigns is known for it’s quality in their product. The cottons are so soft and they will last you through the years of hand-me-downs after this baby.

 SwaddleDesigns-Cotton-Sack | Parenting Healthy |

SwaddleDesigns was founded by an RN, Designer and Mom of 2, Lynette Damir, so you know quality was the main focus on such products for baby. The prints are adorable and the colors are soft. The swaddles and sacks are lightweight, 100% cotton and breathable.

SwaddleDesigns-Sleep-Sack | Parenting Healthy |

The Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack is an easy transition for baby from a swaddle. Baby stays warm during diaper changes because you can unzip from the bottom. The labels are sewn into the edges and the zippers have a fabric overlay so no discomforts to baby in the hardware and tags. It is so soft and stretchy and I have the grey, Tiny Fox print which is a great unisex design and color. They come is 2 sizes of 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

SwaddleDesigns-Sack-Fox | Parenting Healthy |

You can learn more about SwaddleDesigns and purchase their wearable blankets at and follow on Facebook

Tweet: Enter to win a @swaddledesigns Cotton zzZipMe Sack at

swaddledesigns-zzzipme-swaddle-baby | Parenting Healthy

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a SwaddleDesigns Knit zzZipMe Sack in size and pattern of choice. Enter below. Open to US and Canada and ends on 9/27. Good luck! Hosted by Parenting Healthy. Prize will be fulfilled by SwaddleDesigns