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Essential Ways Moms Can Help Their Child’s Education At Home!

There has been much research which has found that parents are one of the top influences in a kid’s life. If they take no interest in their kid’s education, there is a significant effect on their achievement. Therefore, you need to make sure you guide your child to do well in their studies when they are at home. Here are some essential ways moms can help their child’s education at home.

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Start teaching them skills early

You need to start working on your kid’s education as early as possible to ensure they do well when they get to school. Therefore, you need to start teaching them about reading and writing when they are younger. It might be as simple as making sure you are reading them a story before they go to sleep and letting them read some of the words aloud. Or get them to help you write a letter to granny or a friend so that they can practice writing. You can also find many activity books which can help preschool kids learning such as this Leapfrog system. It appears to kids as a fun game, but it’s a great interactive way to help them get ready for school.


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Make them a study area

It’s so important that your child has a quiet area to complete their school homework in your property. You don’t want them to sit somewhere that they will be distracted. Therefore, it’s worth creating a study where they can complete their homework in peace and quiet. Or if you don’t have a spare room, you can make a study area in their bedroom for them to get on with their work. You can easily find great desks online such as these school desks which can easily be placed in their room. They will get in the same mind frame as at school and will get on with their homework.


Keep an eye on their homework

You need to make sure you get involved with their homework as much as possible. When they get back from school, you need to ensure you ask what they have got from each lesson. You might be able to work with them to create a homework schedule. And keeping an eye on what they have for each lesson will ensure you can make sure they complete them on time. When it comes to homework, you should offer your help whatever age they are. They may refuse it as a teen, but at least they know they can ask you for help if necessary.



Support their life skills

One of the best things parents can do with their kids at home to support their education is help them with life skills. Let them get involved when you are cooking in the kitchen as they may pick up skills they can use at school. For example, this article reveals, baking cookies can help them with science and nutrition. Even going out and doing some gardening will help your kids at school as they will understand more about science!

Arrange study groups for your kid and their friends

A lot of children find it easier to learn when they work in groups. Therefore, you should consider organizing a study group for your kid and their friends at home. Of course, you will need to make sure they are doing homework and not just playing. But it can help them both bounce different ideas of each other, and they will both learn. Also, as they are together, they are not likely to see it as a chore!


Limit their use of computer and television

It’s so important that you make sure you are limiting your kid’s use of the computer and television at home. Watching too much television and surfing the net can affect your kid’s education. And as this article says, the average child spends far more time doing this than completing their homework! Therefore, give them a set amount of time they can use these devices so that it does leave an adequate amount of time to do homework!

Talk to your child

You need to make sure you are having proper conversations with your child if you want to help their education. After all, speaking to them can boost their confidence and talking skills. As this feature explains, ask for their opinion as they can learn how to think more efficiently.

It’s so important to reward your kids when they do well at school if you want to help their education. By giving them praise and encouragement, they will want to make an effort to achieve an even better score next time! And remember to ask the teacher for advice on what you can do at home. They will be happy you are trying to help develop their education at home.

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Pirate’s Booty Limited Edition School Packs

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School-lunch-snacks | Parenting Healthy |

As I write this school starts tomorrow for my son. I actually work at the High School in nutrition and have an 8 year old that prefers home lunches over school lunch on most days. Given that, I need snacks and lunch items that are not loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients. My son was so excited to find that Pirate’s Booty comes in larger 1oz snack sizes now for school lunches and after school snacks.

You can find Pirate’s Booty by the bag for handfuls of snacking or in pouches. The pouches are easy to open-my 8 year old was able to open with no problem. I had these shipped to my door and no packages came open in shipping so it stores very well. The 1 oz packages are a great snack size.

School-lunch-snack | Parenting Healthy |

Pirate’s Booty is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They are also kosher and the Pirate’s Booty Smart Puffs and Original Tings are Non-GMO. Bored while snacking? Find some Pirate Activities on their website. Fun activities you can use if you have a pirate-theme party coming up.
School-lunch-Cheddar-snack | Parenting Healthy |
School-lunch-snacking | Parenting Healthy |
Remember these fun pirate snacks for the summer and back to school. Visit to learn more.
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Back to School with Sharpie Extreme

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Last year my son was in a youth British Soccer camp and at the end of camp he wanted autographs of the coaches before they head back to England. All I had was a regular Sharpie and he had them sign with that blue pen. He then insisted he play with that ball throughout the year. However, you cannot read the names of the Coaches anymore. This summer he has the same camp and I had been wondering how to find a better marker this year. I was introduced to Sharpie Extreme. This marker is made for such occasions because it stays bold.


You can find Sharpie Extreme in 4 colors-black, red, blue and green. They will mark anything a standard Sharpie would only this Sharpie pen is for extreme uses. You can use it on plastic, wood and even glass.


This summer we will be bringing Sharpie Extreme to signings. They are made for your sports equipment, outdoor equipment, backpacks and water bottles. Extreme weather won’t fade these colors. It stands up to UV rays, rain, snow and even mud.


The tip is fine and it writes in bold, high-contrast colors. I have marked my son’s sports balls, jackets, backpack, lunchbox and keep one by the front door bin for items I feel need to be marked.


When you are doing your back to school shopping, make sure you pick up a Sharpie Extreme. Then get those items marked. I work in the schools and some nice looking jackets and hoodies get donated at the end of the year. Many families will be missing those unmarked items. I found some on Amazon and you can find them at other retailers too.

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Back to School with Debbie Lynn Supplies

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When it comes to school and office supplies, we like fun! Bright colors and trendy products are what we need. If you were to choose from a peg or shelf full of a different brands, would knowing it is Women Owned or Small Business Owned influence your decision? It always does mine. I come from a family of business owners and always support the small businesses whenever I can. Debbie Lynn is such a brand that is available at many retailers offering all of the above and at prices near $1.


How fun are these erasers and sharpeners? These also make great teacher gifts so they can fill their reward bins. My son is 8 and loves the emoji themed supplies. At his age it is all about trends and characters. Now, my Mother is a second grade teacher and has some of these in her reward treasure chest for the kids. The products are very well made and so bright and fun.


Debbie Lynn has several styles of bright, fun supplies such as erasers with trendy sayings, fun-shaped sticky pads and funny pencil sharpeners. Her line of supplies includes Stationary Take-Out®, Penman®, Create Your Own®, Debbie Lynn Signature®, STO®, Cutterific® and Hi-Voltage FX®.

Learn more about Debbie Lynn, Inc at

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3 Back to School Items You’ll Want to Personalize

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There is nothing more fun as a child than to see your name on print or products. We like to go into the city and my son gravitates to the spinners of stickers and room signs with names. He will search to find his name and always come show me with pride when his name is on product. When your child is school-aged we are passed the dangers of labeling names on items we display publicly with us. Beyond that there are too many times we need to label items. He is to have his name on his ball for soccer and in his backpack for school. On field trips I have to label lunches and coats as they may be handed off to parents or volunteers.



I See Me! has products you can personalize from books to lunch boxes. With back to school coming there are some items you want to make sure to label. I See Me! has a back to school page with some fun books and gifts the kids will love to find their names on. In browsing the rest of the site, I came up with 3 products you will want to personalize from I See Me! Most can come in time for the first day of school.

  1. Lunch Boxes: the names need to be on lunch boxes. It easier for your child to sift through classmates pile and spot theirs. It is also safer for children with food allergies. You may not worry about names on lunches too much, but if you have a child with sever allergies you do. You don’t want to chance that, away from your care, your child comes in contact with someone else’s food. I created a personalized lunch box for my young nephew. We chose the Kick, Score, Run lunch box. There are currently 11 styles to choose from. Find a lunchbox to personalize this school year.
  2. Stickers: with over 20 styles, I See Me! can personalize stickers making labeling birthday goodie bags, Valentines day cards and supplies so easy. No more writing their name a hundred times with a sharpie. Just place a fun sticker on each Valentine under From: or on their pencil box. So quick and easy.
  3. Books: why is a personalized book a back to school must have? Because they will hit a milestone this school year and you can be prepared with an educational reward complete with their name. I See Me! has so many fun stories from books, book sets and coloring books. If you have one in pre-K they will pick up a book this year and be able to read a page to you and that’s a celebration. If you have a third grader, they will come home and show you how they can solve a multiplication table and that’s a celebration. From losing the first tooth, completing a first essay or earning top behavior chart status you will want to have a special gift for them.


Browse books, lunch boxes, stickers and more today at I See Me! and see how easy it is to personalize.

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Hot Groupon Goods Deals for Back to School

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.


I am just weeks away to leaving across state so we can drop our middle son off for his first year of University. He is heading off to fulfill an Engineering degree and while he will live in a small dorm room with a roommate we have been shopping for essentials while thinking small spaces.

A lot of what I have for him has come from fantastic online specials and one place I love to go to for product is the Groupon Goods page. Typically I have bought a lot of electronics accessories and health and beauty products at great prices. They always ship fast and have never had an issue with my orders through Groupon.


Groupon Goods is full of products for the College students now living away from home. I found several great deals on dorm room must-haves and listed a few of my favorites below that you can take advantage of:

  • Roku Streaming Stick $25.99- this is great for adding media to the TV in their dorm room without adding extra costly cable packages. It gets them to their Netflix, Amazon and many other favorite channels from sports to music
  • Multifunctional Laptop Table Stand with Built-in Cooling Fan and LED Light $24.99- because you know those late night assignments will be done from the comfort of their bed instead of those small desks provided in the dorms
  • Innovera Six-Outlet Power Strip, 15-Foot Cord, Ivory $19.99- don’t forget the power strips have to have surge protection and this one does with a 15 ft cord for a great reach to plug in all their devices and chargers.


Those are just a few options to get you started on fun deals you can find all in one spot. And while there you can check the office supplies and health and beauty section to stock up on school supplies and cold/flu support for them while away from home.

Don’t forget to follow Groupon on Facebook and/or Twitter so that you can stay updated and see the notifications of new and hot deals!

What deals do you hope to find for Back to School shopping Groupon Goods?