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Bayer’s Aleve® Direct Therapy™ TENS Device #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Bayer’s Aleve® Direct Therapy™ (ADT) TENS Device

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As I write this I am ending several days of covering an employees shift at work. Not only am I waking up much earlier then normal to cover her shift, I am working different tasks. Some of these tasks involve lifting, standing a lot and working longer hours. My back has felt this change. So, the Bayer’s Aleve® Direct Therapy™ TENS Device lower back patch has arrived at the right time.


If there is a silver lining in my back pain this week it is that I can actually try out the patch. I put in on after dinner and errands and kept it on all evening.

The Aleve® Direct Therapy allows for relief from lower back pain. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a therapy that uses electrical stimulation to relieve pain. How does it work? By blocking the transmission of pain or by stimulating endorphins. Both of those could drastically reduce pain. It uses a patented 3-stage waveform technology to incorporate both of these clinical theories of TENS to provide pain relief.


There is a + and – buttons on the patch. This gives you control on the intensity of the waveform you need or are comfortable with. I like this because I can be sensitive to stronger waveforms so I like to choose my own strength.


The safety concerns are only obvious ones. You could possibly have a contact reaction to the gel. You would not want to use it if pregnant or have a pacemaker or IMD. It is discrete enough to wear to bed or even out for errands and work.

If you know someone who suffers from back pain, this may be the stocking stuffer that will actually get used. Visit https://www.aleve.com/aleve-direct-therapy/ to learn more and your refill gel pads can be easily bought from retailers like Walmart and online.

Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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Are you Magnesium Deficient?

You know what Magnesium is because you see it in multivitamin labels. You learned it’s property in science class when younger but would you know if your body is lacking it? 89% of us are.


When your body lacks Magnesium, you can get several health problems. You can get symptoms from aches and pains with joint and muscle stiffness. You amy also experience poor digestion, anxiety, poor immunity, low sleep quality and restricted focus and mental clarity. If you are pregnant, a lack of the mineral can worsen morning sickness. The best way to get sufficient Magnesium supplement is having it absorbed trans-dermal.  This is how the EASE Magnesium Spray from Activation Products works.



  • Magnesium is an essential mineral necessary for, on average, 325 enzyme functions in our bodies – one being the deactivation of adrenaline, prompting deeper and sounder sleep
  • The Magnesium applied topically goes to work INSTANTLY – no need to wait on breathing patterns to change, pills to kick in, etc.
  • Magnesium plays a vital role in muscle relaxation, hydration, and regular energy production, which helps to get our bodies into a natural rhythm of storing energy for the day and winding down when it’s most important- at night
  • 80% of American’s are Magnesium deficient
  • What many American’s don’t know is that topical application of Magnesium, i.e. a spray, is more beneficial compared to oral consumption because it absorbs instantly into the blood stream

When using the EASE spray on your skin it gets to the surrounding cells to maintain proper Magnesium levels. Activation Products is a family-owned brand founded in 2007 that brings our bodies a total well-being. The spray is all natural and supports your brain, muscle, bone and tissues.

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The best benefit to proper Magnesium levels is the deeper and more fulfilled sleep your body can now get. It doesn’t mask the tired by forcing you to sleep like supplements do. Instead, it gets to the root of a common sleep prohibitor and resolves it. Giving your body the building blocks it needs to do its jobs for you. Who knew?

So if you suffer from joint and muscle aches, a lack of focus, digestion issues and/or poor sleep then try EASE. It might be what your body is missing. At $10 for a travel size to try or under $40 for a large bottle thet will last many uses it is worth it to get your body back to a natural rhythm. Some call it the miracle mineral and based on the benefits it can do a lot of healing.

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New and Improved Salonpas Topical Pain Relief Patches

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What do you turn to when you are sore or have the aches? You probably are reaching for the oral systemic pain relievers that over time can cause major side effects to certain organs of you body. From GI issues to liver damage, OTC oral pain relievers need to be kept at a minimum to prevent these damages to your body. I always keep Salonpas on hand because they work so well as topical pain relievers that do not need to be consumed or processed through any major organs. You can simple, spray, rub on or patch the painful area and let the topical analgesic do its job at the spot.
Parenting Healthy has been featuring Salonpas products for some time now and I love the relationship that has formed. This newest post is to make you aware of the New & Improved Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch. There is more medicine 3.1% camphor and 3% more Menthol), it’s a larger size (20% larger) and is peel resistant which means you get better flexibility from the patch.

Visit http://salonpas.us/

To celebrate a newer and more effective pain patch, Salonpas is offering a $100 Value Salonpas Product Package Giveaway for you! Enter below. Open to US and ends on 3/7. Good luck!