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Celebrate Christmas With Your Pooch – Planet Dog Toys

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Celebrate Christmas With Your Pooch - Planet Dog Toys

Sharing the holidays with our pets is normal in many households and it has always been in our. Even the years we did not have a pet, I would pick up treats for family members pets to take home. It is hectic over the Holidays and our pets feel that stress so they deserve moments of happy with new toys and treats.

Planet Dog is a fun place to shop. From holiday themed tough toys to leashes and travel items for the family dog there is plenty to choose from. Maya loves her Planet Dog toys! Just take a look at these fun gifts below!


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Orbee Tuf ‘Coal’ Toy

Maya is pretty adorable even when she gets into puppy trouble. This Tuf Coal works as a durable chew toy and a ball that really bounces! It likes to bounce in random hops so watching her chase it is hilarious.

Planet Dog Bulb

Orbee Tuf Holiday Bulb

How adorable is this? A chew toy shaped as a Christmas bulb! They have small and large sizes with 4 colors to choose from. Her puppy teeth have been into this for some time now and it is still in tact.

Planet Dog Bulb

When you shop Planet Dog each product has easy to read information. Find out the durability, ratings and even if it s a recycled or non toxic rated product right on its buy page. Planet Dog’s well-known Orbee-Tuff® material is eco-friendly recyclable plastic. It is also made in the USA and is completely non-toxic and is as safe for humans (even babies) as it is for dogs.

Also available on Amazon!

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Serve Graeter’s Ice Cream for the Holidays

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Serve Graeter's Ice Cream for the Holidays

Only the best for the Holidays! I think we all strive to serve only the best to make the Holidays as special as possible. Maybe you buy the same foods and use the same recipes each year. Maybe you like to introduce something new at times. I know that as soon as the pies come out for gathering the kids are asking for the ice cream.

Can you believe they hand-pack every pint? Graeter’s ice cream is made one batch at a time in 2 1/2 gallon batches and uses only the finest chocolate, fruits from the Pacific NW and fresh local dairy.

black raspberry

The ice cream is frozen then hand packed. The low glycemic varieties have half the sugar but the same great taste. The sweetness in this variety comes from monk fruit. It meets the certifications of the Glycemic Research Institute®’s criteria for a low-glycemic food suitable for people with type 2 diabetes(statistic info. here).

Graeter’s can be found online and in select grocery stores. You can use their store locator to find the brand near you. You can order a few to many pints all delivered together and packaged to stay frozen and enjoy right away. You can shop their dessert sauces, fine candies, merchandise and even some ice cream sandwiches called, Wheelies.

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Children’s Holiday Game – Star From Afar

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Children's Holiday Game - Star From Afar

Children’s Holiday Game – Star From Afar

We have become quite familiar with holiday hiding games leading up to Christmas morning with the popularity of Elf on the Shelf. Now we have several choices and all aim to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our families and remind our children about the real meaning of the Holidays. The new children’s Holiday game – Star From Afar is a lot of fun.

It comes with a book-the story of the 3 Wise Men’s journey following the star to newborn Jesus. Then you have a wooden nativity set that match the character illustrations from the book. The nativity gets set up in a special place in the home minus the wise men, Jesus and the star.

The week before Christmas you start a nightly game of hide and seek. You hide the star and in the morning the kids look for it. Once they find where you hid the star they place the 3 Wise Men in that same spot. The Wise Men follow that star everyday and on Christmas morning you ‘hide’ the star on the front of the manger. Now the Wise Men are placed at that manger too along with baby Jesus. The book tells the story so they understand the journey.

Start your own Star From Afar Journey by visiting

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Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath Ideas

Last week I shared how I want a more shabby look for my new house this year. I am doing away with cute decor for modern, chic and grown up to match the theme inside. I love a clean, fresh holiday look.

Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath Ideas
Photo Source: Pixabay

Decorating your front door for Christmas is easy when you go with a wreath, but if you want to stick with your home’s shabby chic style, then there are a few things you should do first. The following ideas allow you to have a festive holiday wreath that contains the vintage, feminine charm of a shabby chic home.

Use Vintage Ice Skates

A very popular decorative element for any Victorian, old-fashioned or shabby chic Christmas style is to use old ice skates. The ones you get might not actually be vintage, but you can usually find old skates at thrift stores or secondhand stores. If not, check stores with Christmas decorations, and you might find imitation skates that work good for this type of wreath. There are a few different ways to do this. You can go with a traditional wood wreath that is heavy enough to support the skates hanging in front of the wreath, or go with something else entirely. For example, you can get a small, old window frame that you can hang as a wreath on your door. Hang the skates in front of the window frame and it really creates a vintage, shabby chic-style design on your front door.

Incorporate Classic Shabby Chic Colors

You can also go more basic with your wreath by starting with a foam wreath and covering it in any fabric that is white, silver, light blue, light green, or light pink around it. You can leave it solid with just a bow or an angle attached, or add some other elements like pearls, lace (like this roll), or a few old ornaments. Another option is to wrap pink or white straw garland around the wreath form, then attach silver ball ornaments around it. This is a really easy way to show visitors you are decorating your home in a shabby chic Christmas style.

Decorate With Vintage Wood Ornaments

Part of the shabby chic style is having wood in a lighter color that looks distressed as if it is genuinely vintage furniture. You can incorporate this in your wreath by first covering the wreath form in the desired material, then gluing on wood ornaments. Use all ornaments that look to be distressed or vintage in a Victorian style. You can try to cover the wreath entirely with ornaments, just scatter a few, or have one large ornament near the center and some smaller ones off to the side.

It is easy to create a wreath with any type of shabby chic materials or ornaments by sticking to the right color scheme.

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The Yankee Candle Fall Lineup

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The Yankee Candle fall Lineup

Have you looked around while driving lately? It is beautiful. The leaves are reds and oranges, the sunsets glow like no other time of the year. We find pumpkin spice ‘everything’ and as Christmas nears we get more cents of pine and spices. Yankee Candle has taken all the reminders of fall and put them in jars and votives to burn around our home. I am burning the Warm Luxe Cashmere candle as I write this and I just want to grab a warm blanket as game 7 of the World Series is about to air and relax in front of the TV on this 38 degree fall night here near Seattle.

What are the Yankee Candle Fall Lineup Scents?

  • Warm Luxe Cashmere: the mix of vanilla cream, winter iris, velvet petals, warm cashmere, amber silk, creamy sandalwood and patchouli (don’t worry, it does not smell like patchouli at all). This candle makes me think of gifting it along with a soft, cashmere blanket and some cocoa!
  • Honeycrisp Apple Cider: the mix of honeycrisp apples (the best kind in my opinion), apple cider and honey with a musk base. Trust me, this is the candle to burn while baking!
  • White Sage: the mix of crushed sage, sea salt, jasmine and ozone with musk, white amber, vanilla and sandalwood base. This candle would be that night of holiday shopping when you’ve battled crowds and been on your feet all day and just want to be surrounded by mellow and quietness.
  • Sugared Pumpkin Swirl: a mix of caramel drizzle, pumpkin puree, warm honey, vanilla bean, cedarwood and cinnamon. I would burn this while cleaning before the holidays. It really smells like the spirit of the Holidays and fall.
  • Sweet Fig & Pomegranate: a mix of blackberry, sunkissed fig, raspberry leaf, red plum, pomegranate and vanilla. This candle would be great to burn on Christmas Eve after the kids are in bed while you put your feet up in the quiet before the Holiday storm.
  • Sunset Fields: a mix of black peppercorn, coriander and sunflower with a wood and airy musk base. his candle can even be gifted to the guys. A great scent for everyone to enjoy.

Yes, I burn different candles depending on the time of the year and mood. Sometimes it is my oils and when I want that lingering fragrance around holidays or get togethers Yankee Candle always hits the mark with scent that spreads throughout my entire home.

Visit the Yankee Candle website to find your perfect scent for the fall or all year long.

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How to Have a Shabby Chic Christmas Tree

This summer we bought a brand new home. I have visions in my open space of how I will do a tree and decorate this year. I bought new furniture and new decor when we moved in for a new and fresh look for our home. I am starting to pick up new decor as well. Away with the cute decor and now I want grown up, chic and modern.

How to Have a Shabby Chic Christmas Tree
Photo Source: Pixabay

If you are looking to decorate your home in a shabby chic style for Christmas, you might be thinking about the Christmas tree first. This is often a good place to start since it can really set the overall theme for your entire home’s decor. Here are some tips for having a shabby chic-styled Christmas tree.

Choose a White or Pink Tree

To start with, you want to go with either a white or pink Christmas tree. This of course is only possible if you are using an imitation tree. If you still want a live tree, it will be green, but you can still turn it into a shabby chic tree by using the right decorative elements. Otherwise, try to find a white tree since it is really easy to choose your preferred ornaments for decoration. You can even have a super simple tree that is white with a silver star on top and silver ball ornaments, and just leave it at that. This is an easy and budget-friendly way to have a shabby chic Christmas tree.

Get the Right Ornaments

Once you have your tree, you will then start choosing your ornaments. Instead of the classic red and green ornaments, you are going to go with your soft and feminine shabby chic colors, like white, silver, and pastel colors in pink, blue, and green. A little bit of pastel yellow and purple also work, but don’t combine all of these colors together. Try to choose one color scheme, such as just white and silver, white and pink, or even pink and green. See these ornaments.

Use Only Clear Christmas Lights

You will naturally want to use the clear Christmas lights with a white string instead of a green string or colored lights. Depending on the color scheme of your tree, you can also use the fancy pink lights, but it might end up being a little too much pink for your liking. The clear or white lights are really easy to find and perfect for this type of tree.

Add Pearls and Lace

After the lights and ornaments have been added, it is time to add some extra elements. Start with a tree skirt (I love this one), which should be in colors that match your tree. While it is okay to go with classic Christmas figures like Santa or snowmen, you just need to make sure it matches your overall shabby chic theme. You can then chose some pretty and feminine decor items for the tree, such as strings or plastic pearls to wrap around the tree instead or ribbon, or even wrapping thin strands of lace around it.

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