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Two Sleepover Party Board Games from Endlesss Games

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Your child has asked for a sleepover and you know it is going to be a long night for you. They will stay up late and make plenty of noise long into the evening hours. When we have sleepovers I choose a quiet time of about 9pm-lay out blankets, popcorn and water bottles, put on a movie and set a board game or two out. It keeps them active but while still sitting and winding down. Endless games has 2 sleepover party board games that are a blast for such nights.

Sleepover Party Game

sleepover party game

When the evening hits and you have a house of kids or even one child who is sleeping over it can be hard to try and get them settled down for the night They are excited to be with each other and you need them to settle down so you can get your own sleep. Pulling out a game followed by a fun and new movie is the perfect combination to wind them down. The Sleepover Party Game offers 200 different stunts, performances and activities. The card you are dealt as you spin for an action on the spin board will have them active, but in a controlled way in their spot they are sitting. Cards like making funny sounds or pretend you have brain freeze. It is hilarious to watch these actions play out and such a blast for the kids!
Ages 7+, 2-4 players

Camera Roll
sleepover party camera
Camera Roll requires access to your device or camera photos. It is simple, but a lot of fun and laughs. There will be random topics that may be about embarrassing moments or travel and more and everyone playing has 30 seconds to find a photo that best fits that topic card. What a fun way to share and enjoy those photos deep in your phone and bring them into play.
Ages 12+ and 2+ players

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Playster Online Media Subscription Service and Giveaway Hop

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Playster Media Subscriptions


Chances are you use your devices to listen to music, read books and even watch movies. Perhaps everyone does the same-even the kids. Keeping track of everyone’s favorite stories and genres can be difficult especially if you use multiple devices. This is a unique gift idea that is great for the entire family. It is a subscription to Playster.

Playster offers the ability to create multiple profiles for members of your family. Within each profile you can save different media sources such as books, music, audiobooks, games and movies. Browsing these sources is easy as you can use the search bar by subject or title keywords or just browse by genre. For my son, I always browse the Kids and Family genre for each media activity. Within there I find stories, songs and games that are age-appropriate for him. Below are some examples of the Kids and Family genre choices…



However, if I want to listen to  book or music and see a video, I have lots of genre choices to narrow down my search. Below is an example of what is in the New Release movies as I type this…


Playster Subscriptions

30-Day FREE trial. You can start now for a free 30 day access to all the entertainment. After that you can select a plan below


Get started at Playster today! Website | Facebook | Twitter. Also available in Google Play and Apple store.

Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

The Giveaway

This prize is included in the This OR That Giveaway Hop hosted by The Kids Did It  & The Mommy Island. Once you are done entering my giveaway below, scroll down and enter more giveaways in this hop. Good luck!


1 lucky reader will win an entire years access to Playster! Enter below and open to all who have access. This is part of a giveaway hop so after you enter this giveaway, hop on over to the other Bloggers above for their giveaways. If you ended up here from the hop, welcome! Ends 12/14. Good luck!



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OgoDisk RAQ Outdoor Play #HolidayGiftGuide

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This year we bought a toy hauler for ATV riding but also to do standard RV camping. I had spent the spring buying stuff and stocking it for the summer. I had thought that I had all we needed until the first camping trip that my son invited a friend along with. They got bored fast. I did not have enough outdoor fun packed in the RV. At home when we have groups of kids like at the holidays and celebrations, I have a deck box full of fun outdoor play. Gifting outdoor play for the holidays will help you tremendously when they want to get outside for any reason or on road trips and need entertainment available.


OgoSport has products that both encourage outdoor and indoor play. The OgoDisk RAQ is an outdoor toy and so much fun. It comes with 2 paddles and a Flux ball. The paddles have large handles that are easy for any hand to grip and adds some extra power to your swing. It has a sort of trampoline-like bounce to it when in contact with a ball. The Flux Balls have removable black tails so it’s up to you whether you want them on or not.



Head to OgoSport to see the full line of products. You can buy online or find in many specialty toy stores and museum shops near you.

Website | Facebook | YouTube

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New Fun and Educational Games from Blue Orange Games

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In this house we are huge Blue Orange fans. We have educational games like the Super Genius learning cards and fun story-telling games like Tell Tales. I love educational games that are fun and engaging. Many times we have so much fun we forget we are learning in the moment. Games have been a family tradition since the oldest was young. In game play I really see how progressed the boys get. As they learn to read, our game options widen. Then as they learn more progressive math, we can jump again to different levels of play and challenge.


There are 10 new games from Blue Orange and more are coming real soon. I had the pleasure of digging into 2 of them, Gigamons and Top That. Gigamons combines the game of Memory with what feels like a little Pokemon. You are collecting Elemons and when you match 2 that starts you off on an evolve process and then at 3 of the same Elemon’s you collect, you summon a corresponding Gigamon. My son is 8 and enamored by this game.



Top That is a game of quick-thinking and strategy. A play is made on the same card by all players. Each player has the same tokens-hat, red and orange cups, coin and a rabbit. The card will show these tokens in color or some may be grey. The player to finish the card puzzle first wins. The tokens in color on the card must be visible in the stack and any grey tokens must be included but hidden (like under the cups or in the hat). This will surely enhance problem solving skills with speed as the main factor.


Visit Blue Orange Games and for the complete line of games. The newer games have the NEW logo attached.

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Preview & Giveaway: Masheroo Game for Ages 5 to Adult!

This post is a Preview & Support for this new game from Roosterfin!
Masheroo! The Game of Mash or Be Mashed Game is a game of  logic, diplomacy and luck! Simply put…you have a card with Shapes/face pattern. Roll the Dice, grab the cards you need and be the first to complete your pattern. BUT, beware of the Masher Bolt! If a player rolls this they can choose to collect the other dice card to complete their own pattern or MASH another opponent sending their pieces back and they have to start building all over again!
Roll the Dice~Collect Pieces~Build Your Pattern~Don’t Get Mashed!
Ages: 5 to Adult and 3-6 Players!
Who is Joe?
Joe is from Long Island, NY and is a former Math teacher. He holds 2 Math degrees and is the Author of The Merbs-an award winning educational series. Masheroo is the 3rd in his series of games. His other two are:
PongCano and Shufflin’ Feet ARE available right now and are popular educational games that even Adults can have a blast with!
You can Follow Roosterfin on Facebook and Twitter!

The Giveaway
Your choice of Shufflin’ Feet or PongCano as pictured above!
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Good Luck!

This post contains my own opinions. I was not compensated for this post. I will be sent a game for the purpose of a future review.

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