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5 Tips to Get Motivated to Start Walking or Running

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Well, there are about 3 weeks to go in 2016 and perhaps your 2017 goal is to get moving. The start of a new year is always a great time to get motivated to start walking or running. We plan ahead, pick dates and start on our goals. Then life happens. We get a cold and stop moving, never really starting back up again. Or perhaps you stop due to another illness, schedule changes, daylight savings changes, etc…

Whatever your reason for quitting, the start up again is so hard. It is important to stay motivated. Understand that there will be changes, but the right motivation helps you work those changes around your new hobby or regimen.

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Let’s get motivated and stay motivated using these 5 tips:

  1. Find a race in your local area and sign up for it! If you are a beginner stick to a 5K. There are so many that happen in early spring from color runs to holiday and St Patrick runs. Find one, grab a buddy and commit yourself. Now you have a goal and you paid for it so you will stick to it.
  2. Buy yourself a new pair of running shoes. It’s OK! Reward yourself at the start. Once you find a pair of or advanced runners, you will be proud to lace them up and put them to use.
  3. Change it up. You will never stay motivated doing the same route each day. Plan ahead and find a few local trails near your work or home. On Mondays and Thursdays maybe run your neighborhood. Rest on weekends. On the other days, list a new trail each week to run a few times.
  4. Update your playlist. Nothing is more motivating then, putting on those headphones, listening to your favorite music and tuning out the world around you (to a safe extent).
  5. Allow yourself a reward day. Find a day (perhaps a day off or weekend day) to let yourself lose-no running, allow yourself a treat and allow yourself a reward of rest.

So go on, plan today. Find a local race, buy some killer running shoes and start training.

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3 Healthy and Innovative Gift Ideas from FitBoomBah #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Health, Fitness and Beauty Products from FitBoomBah

FitBoomBah Logo

FitBoomBah is not only fun to say, but it is a one-stop website for all things healthy and fitness-related. From supplements, blender bottles, apparel and aroma products you can definitely find a gift for everyone on your list in one spot. I received some products I thought you would enjoy and wanted to feature these. However, there is so much more than the ones I am featuring.


The Mixologie Blendable-Perfume Collection has been such a hit. My sister was over and I was so excited to show her this set and she fell in love. She texted our Mom right away with “Christmas idea” as my Mom asks us to do that. She was googling the brand on her phone and finding them a lot of places at about $99 a set. I told her she has to look at FitBoomBah for it was the cheapest price. Sure enough it was and by $20!


You get roller ball scents in a set of 8. They are alcohol-free and high-quality concentrated oils and a gentler, longer-lasting emollient, DPG (dipropylene glycol). They all smell so great and the idea is to create your own scents when you mix and match them. There are several recipe cards that come with the collection so you can find just the right mix for you mood. Try mixing Inspires, Tenacious and Electric if you are stir crazy and need to relax. You can also try Tenacious, Free and Inspires for a bit of a de-stress and focus scent. Or, like me you can just grab 2-3 and roll them around and either combination will smell great as you head out the door.


I work at the High School and it is recommended that we do not wear perfumes because of sensitivities. Because these scents are alcohol-free I can wear them and they do not seem to interfere or cause sensitivities to those around me. I just love this collection!


Another favorite is Teami 30 day Detox Kit. I had read about this brand because I wanted a gentle cleanse. The last cleanse I tried was horrible and too harsh and the taste of the beverages was terrible. This tea is not only a gentle cleanse but tastes great. I don’t even have to sweeten the tea. I drink it as is.


I decided to make it a health change and even kept diary of of before, during and after results on these two Teami products. These are based on a 1 month regimen of drinking Teami Skinny 1-2 times a day (1 tsp in 8 oz of hot water and loose tea left in) and the Teami Colon every 2 days at 1 tea bag in 7-8 oz of water and seeped 2-3 minutes.

Measurements, Weight, Notes

Day 1: Weight 142 pounds.

Week 1: Weight  . No exercise. No diet changes (eat relatively healthy)

Visit FitBoomBah to find these and other great gift ideas for the holidays.

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MISSION Athletecare’s RadiantActive line of heating gear #HollidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: MISSION RadiantActive Performance gear


Before wondering if these Mission RadiantActive Athletecare products I am featuring is just another fitness line of clothing, I can tell you that this line is powered by 37.5 Technology that are infused with active particles that retain heat and remove sweat to keep you warm and dry. Now your own body’s energy doesn’t have to focus on that task. You’ll have that energy back to perform better in fitness or sports.

The RadiantActive line includes instant heating headbands, beanies, gloves, balaclavas, neck gaiters, scarves, base layer tights and tops. These are all designed to keep you warm and dry from sweat and won’t add extra weight.


How does it work? The clothing is embedded with carbon fibers to retain up to 15% more heat than normal performance fabrics. The products are made with a high abrasion resistance outer-layer and excellent lofted heat retention to keep you warm in any weather condition.

The base layer tights are compression fit and lightweight. The top are a fitted design with 4 way stretch. They both have breathable mesh panels and are odor resistant.



The gloves come in a lightweight or midweight styles. The lightweight is made with a lighter fabric and has a 4 way stretch. The midweight gloves have adjustable hook and loop closures and are water resistant. They both have proprietary heating technology with lightweight insulation. They are moisture wicking, touchscreen compatible and have a silicone palm grips.


The neck gaiter is a 4 way stretch, moisture wicking material. It is also wind resistant and the beanie is lightweight and helps keep heat in.



You can find the entire MISSION Athletecare RadiantActive line at MISSION’s website and learn more about the 37.5 technology. I am sending some to my son across state who is at Washington State University. It gets very cold in the winter and he has quite a jaunt to his classes so this will get used a lot by him on campus for walking and attending football games in that cold and snowy weather this winter.

Can you think of other activities you would use these for?

Website | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube

Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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Stay Cool and Save Energy with Mission’s Vaporactive Line

Samples sent for feature


Before wondering if these Mission products I am featuring is just another fitness line of clothing, I can tell you that there are safe and unsafe ways to exercise. In the heat, the safety factor while being outdoors becomes a lot higher due to the heat’s effect on our bodies. It has been a hot summer in many of our states this summer, including here near Seattle. When your body temperature raises you burn a lot of energy trying to self-cool. You could use that energy for a more effective workout instead. Mission’s Vaporactive line works hard to cool your body so that your energy doesn’t have to focus on that task. Now you have that energy back to perform better in fitness or sports.


As the Olympics have started, I will mention that Mission is a proud supporter of the USRowing team, they will provide cooling towels bearing the American flag to all Olympians and Paralympians competing in the 2016 Games. They will also provide additional cooling accessories and gear, including hats and multi-cool headwear to help the U.S. athletes stay cool during their training and competition. A gal I used to nanny for is competing in the 2016 Paralympics Basketball Team for USA in RIO. So I love to feature brands that support the Paralymppics as much as I do. Look for Megan Blunk on that court, that sweet, dimple-faced girl is who we are cheering for in this home.


I am listing a few products below that will do more than provide fashion, but work for your body temperature so you can perform better. It sounds too easy-put on some socks, a shirt and hat and you reserve more energy. However, the technology is rather complex and that is why Mission is more than an ordinary fitness clothing brand.

  • Vaporactive Performance No-Show Socks ( 2-pack). Powered by 37.5 technology and infused with permanent active particles that rapidly attract and evaporate sweat keeping you cool dry and comfortable
  • Enduracool Techknit Cooling Towel. Instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out and is snapped in the air to activate its cooling properties.
  • Enduracool Microfiber Cooling Towel. Made from proprietary performance fabric that instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out and is snapped in the air to activate its cooling properties.
  • Cooling Performance Hat. When wet its stays cool for hours. Lighter than most and with a non-structured fit to afford you maximum breathability.
  • Reflective Cooling Headband. A cooling lockdown reversible headband. It drops to 30 degrees below average body temperatures when soaked with water, wrung out and snapped.

So what does Mission mean by stays cool when wet and 37.5 technology? 37.5 technology means that at the fiber level of the fabric such as the socks, there are naturally derived active particles added. Your body gives off an infrared energy when you are burning calories and it attracts that natural energy from your body. It captures, traps and evaporates that moisture (from sweat), that allows you to be cool but does not leave you feeling wet. These particles hold the wet-you feel the cold. It essentially attracts and removes sweat from your body unlike wicking that just moves it around. Active 37.5 is the name of these infused particles that do all that work. It is made to last and will not wash out. This is a dry to cool effect.



With Mission’s Enduracool technology such as in their cooling towels, fabric chills to a surface temperature by up to 30°. This helps you control temperature on demand. It is a proprietary weave that absorbs moisture (water) though its capillary system. The construction of the fabric has a hollow core that spreads water. This slows evaporation for a prolonged cooling effect. This is the wet to cool effect meaning you have to wet the product to activate the cold. Adding water creates a cooling effect so your body performs its best and saves energy. On your next hot run- pour some water from your bottle onto the towel, snap to wrap around your neck. You have to feel that cold to know just how effective it works.

Visit Mission today and start saving that energy for better performance while Mission Vaporactive keeps your cool. Great for the kids outdoors so they do not overheat!

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Tips for Living a Happy and Healthy Life

Healthy Life

Everyone wants to lead a healthy and happy life, but not everyone knows quite how to achieve this. The day to day struggles and the stress the modern world brings to us can quickly wear a person down. This can cause emotional despair and promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a few simple changes anyone can do in their lives in order to head down the road of health and happiness.


Everyone was told at one time or another that you are what you eat. If you eat good food, you’ll have good health as well as a happy outlook on life. One needs to eat well balanced meals and choose healthy snack options throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables are the base of any good diet. Whole grain and fiber should also be included as well as some dairy, small portions of meat for protein, and very low amounts of fat and sugar.

Charitable Attitude

When someone does something to help others they are also helping themselves. It feels good to do charitable work. It lifts the spirit of everyone involved. There are several types of charity work available. Athletic types enjoy running marathons that raise money for good causes, while some people enjoy the slower pace of volunteering at the local food pantry. Many prefer something more outgoing like the pop up pianos in New York that Sing for Hope uses to bring the arts to schools, communities, and hospitals.


Exercise promotes good health, flexibility, and a better immune system. A healthy body ultimately leads to happiness. People who exercise regularly have more energy, better attitudes, and stronger bodies. Exercising doesn’t have to be intimidating workouts at the local gym, although these programs are wonderful. Sit-ups, push-ups, and weight lifting can easily be done at home. Fun ways to introduce exercise into one’s life include taking neighborhood walks, playing with the pets, or doing a sport with others from their community. These activities encourage socializing which is also known to satisfy one’s soul.

Once a person changes a few of their day to day habits into more positive behaviors they will quickly find their spirits lifted. This upbeat attitude along with good food, exercise, and kindness can help one find that happy and healthy path in life.

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Easy At-Home 20 minute full body workout

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I joined a local gym last year and went fairly often then like most gym memberships, I paid as I slowly stopped going. I would combine a gym workout with east at-home workouts. When it comes to working out it’s about finding a routine and getting used to it and as soon as you develop a new one you find it hard to go back. My gym does not allow children so I would go after I got off work and before picking my soon up from school. Then spring break happened last year as well as a trip we went on and I did not go for a few weeks. My husband works so if my son is not in school, I can’t go. So my workouts slowly ended until I formed my own Easy At-Home 20 minute full body workout.
Then as summer came to an end we got a letter stating we can have access to a trainer once a month for free as part of the membership. My son would be going back to school as summer is ending and perhaps I could use this trainer to help me stay motivated at school breaks this year when I can’t get in. I need quick and easy exercises I can complete at home when I cannot get to the gym. Together we came up with one for me.

At Home exercise equipment
We created a regimen to help me tone and strengthen my core as well as focus a bit on my gluts and shoulders where I have had some pain. I can go through 2 sets of each exercise under 20 minutes and it makes me feel great! If this is the type of workout you can use, then I share it with you and how the Zobi- 7lb is a great addition to my home exercise equipment.
At-Home Workout in 20 minutes
Foam Roll Calves (stretching)-hold each leg 30 seconds
Lateral Stretch on Ball (stretching)-hole each arm 30 seconds
Calve Stretch (stretching)-hold each leg 20 seconds
Floor Glut Bridge (core strengthen)-hold up 2 seconds and slowly down 4 seconds-15 reps
Dumbbell Squat w/ heels elevated (mainly thighs and gluts)-15 reps with 10lb weights
Single Arm Wide Dumbbell Row (shoulders, biceps)-15 reps with 15lb weights
Bar Push Ups (I use my nightstand)  (chest, shoulders, core)- 12 reps
Plank with alternating hip drop (core)-12 reps
Wood Chop with Zobi (Core, Arms, Shoulders)- 10 reps at 7lb
If I have time I finish with an intense interval stationary bike workout for 10-15 minutes to add cardio. Of course make sure you are medically clear to begin any new workout. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start at home. By sharing my routine, I hope it offers you an option to try at-home workouts when getting into a gym is not possible.
How to use the Zobi weight

I love my Zobi because that wood chop exercise feels so good at the end as I add that twist in the move using my entire body. The Zobi has an ergonomic shape making it so easy to grip. You also get the guide and workout CD that come with it. You can combine 5 different workouts using your Zobi for a full body workout. Empower Fitness has many products that make your workouts effective and they are not just about product. Empower is a community or network of people who need each other for encouragement and a way to grow and strengthen our motivation to live healthier.

*You can find how to do any of the exercises I mention above on most fitness sites or video channels.

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