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Staying Healthy with Faithful Workouts – 1 Year Plan Giveaway

I have partnered with Faithful Workouts


Staying Healthy with Faithful Workouts - 1 Year Plan Giveaway

No scale, no stress, no anxiety, no focus on results. Just actions- God, water intake, exercise and natural food. That is what you get from Faithful Workouts. You get to choose what you want to do according to your schedule. All you need is some space, sometimes some standard exercise equipment (but not always) and and a few moments a day. This is a program that focuses less on inches and a scale number and more on total health while losing that weight and feeling great as well as learning to live a healthy and enriched life.

Michelle Spadafora started Faithful Workouts because she loves to eat healthy, loves to exercise and loves to talk about Jesus. So you put all of those things together and divide it by days in a calendar and you get a daily map that includes more than just a workout where you hit a stop button and go take a shower. At the end of the first workout I did she showed us how to make 3 ingredient banana cookies I went downstairs and made them myself and enjoyed a snack with my son that morning after my workout video. ON that day 1 of August I had a quote and a little excerpt about that quote that read:

“We can either spend our days living to please others – or we can live them trying to please God. We want to love others, of course, but you cannot try and change yourself just to “make everyone happy.” The fact of the matter is, you can’t make everyone happy, but you can ensure that you are filled with joy and peace and light by putting God first.”


That was followed by a 20 minute workout and a recipe. What is the cost? How much do you spend having to drive to the gym (not counting gas money and that intimidation feeling around others)? I just cancelled my husband and I’s membership this year as our schedules could not get us out of the house so I had begun working out in home when I get up in the morning. We were paying $37 a month and no recipes, menu plans or inspirational quotes were included. The Faithful Workouts F4 plan will cost you $7 a month or $70 a year and that begins after your 30-day free trial. That is a no-brainer! The free trial is available to everybody right now.



Here’s what’s included in your Faithful & Fit Plan:

  • Menu plans, grocery lists & cookbook (gluten free & dairy free options!)
  • 150+ Online Exercise Videos for every fitness level
  • Faith & Fitness Calendar to make getting healthy simple!
  • A forum to keep you inspired, connected & accountable
  • Monthly Live Chats to address your health questions
  • Inspirational articles sent to your inbox every week
  • Podcasts so you can take us with you on your walk, bike, or run!
  • A 10% OFF Member-only store discount

Michelle wants me to offer all of you a chance to win a 1 year Faithful Workouts F4 membership. Enter below. It is open to my US readers and will end on 8/30. Good luck!



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Awakening to God Today App Will Restore your Faith in Life

Review of app in coordination with FlyBy


When I was asked to review this app for my readers and share with you an 8 minute daily journey you can take with God I agreed because I already have this app. I found it several weeks ago. I grew up Catholic, went to Catholic school and as an adult I have not established church with my family. I feel guilty about that at times, however I do talk about God, read children’s Bible stories with my son and give him faith reminders often. This app called, Awakening To God Today is a fantastic start to restoring your faith.

I am given a daily verse, many I recognize from my years of religion studies in school or mass. Then I add a daily entry. First you upload a photo-maybe it is of your family, friends, pet or a screenshot of a quote you found.


At night I can revisit to complete my 8 minutes with God and will be asked how God may have touched my life that day and what more I could have done to reflect God’s love. This is where I make small commitments to myself about showing others love and kindness. Maybe you attend a bible or help group. Maybe you teach your children a verse or help a stranger with kindness.

The app seems so simple yet in our busy lives we need tools and reminders. It is fun to look back on past entries so the more you create the more you’ll have in the future to reflect back to. It’s a life journal of the positive moments. It is also a daily reminder to be kind and keep your faith alive. Give it a try. Download the app from

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Fruit-Full Kids Child Faith Plates

Samples sent for feature


With our lives as hectic as they are, trying to fit faith and the christian influences in can be hard. With one boy on his own, one just off to college as a Freshman and an 8 year old home and in sports, I am amazed I remembered to have them brush their teeth let alone a lesson or two in any subject. I grew up Catholic and understand the bible and lessons we derive from it as far as attitude and faith, but it is not incorporated into my boys lives like it was for me. I also attended Catholic schools so I had it a part of my school day. That is not the case with our kids.


I would find it easier to teach God’s way and read messages to them when they were younger. We could enroll them in Sunday schools or Bible camps and read them bedtime stories with Christian messages. I still do that with my 8 year-old although he is growing out of children books, but does look forward to Bible camp…once a year. When I was sent the release for Fruit-Full Kids, I knew it was for parents like my husband and I. We want to instill the Christian values, but find days fly by and we sometimes lack the creativity to weave it into our daily lives. We do eat several meals a day together so having a message at our dinner table for breakfast and dinner is a great way to remember God’s words and love.


You can buy individual plates like mine above or sets of 3. There are over 12 designs and all start with the top phrase, “The Fruit of the Spirit is…”. My plate ends with Love and has heart illustrations. Below are a few more examples of choices you have to reward your kids with God’s messages of love and family.

Visit Fruit-Full Kids and see all of the designs and read all about how 10% of all proceeds goes to Samaritan’s Purse Fruit Tree program. You’ll want to remember this brand for your Holiday shopping so that the gifts you buy this season will be giving back to those in need.