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Natural Soaps that Save Lives with Health 2 Humanity

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Natural Soaps H2H

Buying products that save lives matters. Maybe we lack time or finances to really do things to make a difference, but sometimes helping others is as simple as purchasing from a brand that gives back for you. Health 2 Humanity takes your purchase and gives back. You get clean and natural soaps and that purchase helps fund international vocational programs that create jobs, grant scholarships, develop skills and improve lives around the world.


These natural soaps only consist of about 8 real ingredients. Have you read the ingredient list on the back of most store soaps? That’s a lot of science vocabulary written there. Health 2 Humanity soaps have ingredients such as olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, essential oils.

H2H Soaps

The natural soaps come in 4 scents-unscented, lavender, lemon and peppermint. They are non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Buy individually or as a subscription so you never run out and you keep on giving back. They are made in Concord, Ca (where I was born). Buy soap, donate (they are a 501c3) and share this great cause today. The soaps are packaged well enough to make great gifts. Visit H2HGlobal to learn more.

natural soaps lives

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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box Bonus and Giveaway

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Simply Earth Essential Oil Subscrition

Simply Earth Subscription

When you hear someone mention subscription boxes, what comes to mind? Is it cost? Try adding up the value of the contents inside the box. They should always exceed the actual price. Most times these boxes ship free. This makes a subscription box a great value especially to gift someone. By the time you shop for gifts and pay to ship them they can have a unique box of goodies delivered that they’ll love such as the subscription boxes at Simply Earth.

Simply Earth is an essential oil subscription service where you can get a recipe box a month, pay per box or choose to get one 4 times a year. It is not just a box of oils, but a recipe box with all contents and a theme.

Simply Earth contents

The box I just got has the scents of the holidays and DIY recipes for home uses. In this box are 4 oils (just the 4 bottles of oils are a $40 value alone), a roller, 2 empty oil vials, a jar and spray bottle with accents for the DIY recipes with recipe cards on a ring so you can add other recipe cards from future boxes and keep them together. All this for as low as $39.99 a box.

Want to give it a try? Follow these steps to get a free diffuser with your first box order:

  1. Choose a box to order HERE
  2. Add the diffuser to your cart HERE
  3. Use my code: Parentinghealthy at checkout and the discount will apply.

Simply Earth promo

I was able to make a room spray, air freshener and scented ornaments. It came with all I needed except water and some baking soda. The recipe box like this is a fantastic idea and would make a fun gift to a dorm as finals near and your student can use some relaxing DIY or to families who want a more natural clean in their home.

Simply Earth room

Simply Earth uses the best oils which means GMO-free plants grown in the right conditions are ideal for optimal-quality oils. The oils are farmed responsibly and they take pride in providing 100% pure product.

Simply Earth freshner

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a Simply Earth Essential Oil box. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 11/17. Good luck!

Simply Earth Giveaway

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The use of Essential Oils and Autism Study

Essential Oils
I was able to steal a few moment of Jill Hollway’s, Ph.D., M.A. time in the midst of her current study regarding the use of Essential Oils with Austism. In this study set up you can hear the story of a Mother who believes essential oils has tremendously helped her autistic son sleep better and find a better calm. Dr. Hollway is the researcher studying these effects of essential oils. So I had some questions regarding this exact topic that I hope can help you as you may look into oils in an effort offer changes in mood or behaviors.
I first (or right after this interview below) encourage you to visit the Study: Can Essential Oils Help Children with Autism?

1.    Have (or are you studying) whether or not essential oils have improved tantrums or extinction bursts?

No, currently we are investigating whether two mixtures of essential oils improve quality of life by increasing relaxation and sleep efficiency in children with ASD.

2.    What oils best promote calm in an Autistic child? What exact oils/oil blend scents are you researching?

The literature suggests that several essential oils may be useful for increasing relaxation in humans. Some examples of these are lavender, rose, chamomile, and patchouli. However, the resulting reports from these investigations describe methodological issues that make interpretation difficult. We are investigating the effects of two essential oil mixtures in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over study, which together include 18 different essential oils.

3.    Can essential oils help with focus/improved attention span and possibly lead to reduction in Ritalin doses?

Similar to the oils that are said to be useful for increasing relaxation, there are certain essential oils that are thought to be mentally stimulating, clarifying, and uplifting. Two examples of these are lemon and rosemary. Again, the literature describes studies that suggest these effects, but the investigations were not randomized clinical trials and more studies using scientific methods are necessary before we can say definitively that this is the case. There are currently no studies that suggest using an essential oil will lead to a reduction in Ritalin dosing.

4.    If I were to start on one oil today, which one should I use? How to use it? Why?

Most people will start with an oil scent that is well known to them, such as lavender, or rose. These oils are used to relax the individual during stressful times of the day. There are two methods of oil application in aromatherapy, massaging the oil into the skin, and diffusion of the oil in the air. In the latter, it is necessary to purchase a diffuser to which water and the essential oils are added, then the aroma is diffused out into the air. Either method depends upon the user’s preference.

About Jill Hollway, Ph.D., M.A.

Jill Hollway, Ph.D., M.A. is a research scientist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Nisonger Center. Her focus is in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). At the Nisonger Center, Hollway plans, conducts, and analyzes experiments in order to develop new treatments for improving behavioral problems associated with ASD. She is currently conducting research on sleep disturbances in children with ASD.
 Dr. Hollway earned her bachelor of science in psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University and then received her master’s and doctoral degrees from The Ohio State University.