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7 Tips to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for Your Children


You can help your child enjoy a healthy smile by making oral hygiene fun and exciting. By making flossing, brushing and trips to the dentist a positive experience, your child will learn early on that proper dental care is important.

Brush as a Team

Setting aside time together as a family goes beyond recreational activities such as , biking and baking. As a parent, you should also instill important habits early on such as good dental hygiene. An important way to hold your child’s interest is to floss and brush together as a team. Children often mimic things their parents do, so you want to set a good example. Begin by teaching them the basics such as the right brushing technique. After you’ve finished brushing, follow up with flossing. Help them through the process until they’re old enough to handle the job on their own. To boost their excitement during this exercise, make up a funny song or rhyme about keeping their teeth sparkly clean.

Make Your Initial Dental Visit

Your child will need to learn the importance of early on to prevent cavities and enjoy a healthy smile. As their oral health needs change, their dental facility will be able to provide other services such as cleanings, braces, sports guards or extractions. As soon as your child’s teeth begin to break through the gums, you want to make the initial dental visit. Keep it short and simple at the start, so your child has time to acclimate to the new surroundings. As they get used to the process, you can incorporate exams, cleanings and other needed work into the visits. Allowing the child to bring their favorite stuffed toy or book to the appointment can help elevate the mood.

Find a Fun Toothbrush

To hold your child’s interest and make teeth brushing fun, let them choose their own fun brush. Today’s choices can run from colorful and soft to one’s with their favorite cartoon character such as Mickey Mouse, Dora, SpongeBob or Dory. Depending on your child’s age, they may also be able to handle the motorized toothbrush varieties.

Watch the Time

The amount of time spent brushing your teeth and amount per day can vary. While some experts may say it’s important to brush after every meal, the American Dental Association recommends twice each day and for approximately two minutes. To ensure that your child is spending the required time, you can set a timer on your smartphone or tablet. You can also select a fun timer with a bell that dings or sings a song when they’re finished.

Flavored Toothpaste and Floss

Even your child’s dental floss and toothpaste can be a fun dental experience for them when you vary the flavors. Adult toothpaste with a strong minty flavor may be too pungent for such a sensitive mouth. From watermelon and strawberry to bubblegum and grape, let them have a voice in picking out their toothpaste and dental floss.

Videos and Entertainment

Your local library or online book store may have a wide selection of material that encourages your child to . Begin with a fun cartoon video that teaches children about the proper techniques to brush and floss their teeth. They may also have material that can show them what a visit to the dentist office will be like.

Reward System

A reward system where you gift your child with a gold star for flossing, brushing their teeth, visits to the dentist and eating healthy treats can be a fun way to learn about dental care. As your child completes each task, let them place the sticker on the board.

Teaching your child the importance of good dental care early on helps set good habits that they can take into their adult years. Although brushing and flossing may seem mundane to a child, the above tips will add fun and excitement to the daily routine.

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Boka Natural Oral Care Boxes

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Boka-Dental-Subscription | Parenting Healthy |

Back to school has happened and there are so many tasks to add to our daily schedule. Back to homework, school lunches, events, bus routes, bedtime and meal routines. In a perfect world we would have extra time in our day to be 100% on top of our normal healthy regimen from dental hygiene to bacterial and cold and flu health and prevention. As for our oral care we would brush after each meal-even at school-in that perfect world. Instead we send the kids off to burger day or salad bar at the school and that meal sits on their teeth and hopefully they didn’t crash on us at night getting used to the new routine before they brushed their teeth.

Boka has made oral care health a no-brainer. Not only do they put together natural dental products for you and your children, they even make it easy to remember when to switch out your toothbrushes which need to happen every 3 months.

You can subscribe or shop at Boka. If you subscribe, you can see the products being sent to you from within the shop. Most boxes are monthly subscriptions for various products that can run anywhere from $15-$30 or more each box. The Boka box kit starts at just $14.50 and that is for every 3 months. You build a kit for your family and every 3 months a new one arrives-just in time for fresh toothbrush changes for everyone.

Oral-Health-Subscription | Parenting Healthy |

I sampled a kit and in my kit is:

  • Oral Health Care Guide
  • Natural Toothpaste-Mint
  • Mint Floss
  • 1 Toothbrush
  • 2 Natural cocorinse packets for natural oil pulling

I priced my kit out to be $14.50 every 3 months (the oil pulling samples were extra throw-ins). If I wanted to commit to a year, the price works out to be only $12.33 per box (every 3 months). That means that to subscribe to a Boka kits per person you will pay $4.11-$4.83 a month. The floss alone is $4. Of all subscriptions kits I have ever seen from beauty to health and even pets, this is by far the best in cost.

Dental-Health-Subscription | Parenting Healthy |

Boka toothbrushes have black bristles for a reason. This is because Boka toothbrushes are made with activated charcoal. These activated charcoal will naturally help prevent odor causing bacteria from building up on your brush. The bristles are soft so it is gentle on your gums and the ends are tapered so it can tackle the plaque easier. Also for every Boka brush purchased, they will donate a toothbrush to their nonprofit partner Surge. They work hard to bring life-sustaining water to those in need.

Charcoal-Dental-Toothbrush | Parenting Healthy |

The Boka toothpaste and floss are all natural. The toothpaste is made with natural ingredients and essential oils like peppermint and mint. There is no SLS, fluoride, triclosan, artificial flavors or parabens. The floss is wrapped in natural beeswax and is Teflon and petroleum-free.

Dental-Subscription | Parenting Healthy |

Head to Boka to shop or subscribe and leave the dental guide and timeline to them so you can worry about all the other things that go along with the school year. Visit Boka –> Website | Facebook | Twiiter
Tweet: See the Boka all-natural dental kit for the entire family at

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Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course Toothbrush

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The mornings are rough as it is. From packing lunches to settling tantrums and hair knots, we have enough to do. I work at the HS so when school goes back into session, I go back to work. I am settling into another work routine as my son settles into his new school routine. He is 8 and I have shown him many times how to brush his teeth so I can just tell him to go do it.

However, at the last dentist cleaning they asked if he brushes in his own, “yes”, you may need to still guide him because he is missing his front teeth. I can see him in their brushing away and assumed he had it down. I was wrong and now I need to add brushing his teeth to my morning routine. Thankfully, Philips Sonicare has partnered with Ice Age: Collision Course (now in theaters) to make tooth brushing fun for little ones. I will still monitor him, but now I have a tool.


“The NEW limited edition Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course has Bluetooth® technology that connects the power toothbrush directly to its customizable FREE interactive Ice Age coaching app. With the help of their fun personal brushing coach, “Sparkly” and his bag of tricks and games, kids develop a lifetime of healthy oral care habits and get rewards for doing a thorough job each time they brush. Parents can even monitor their child’s routine by reviewing their brushing habits on the separate, parent dashboard and set up milestones and rewards to motivate their child to brush their teeth twice a day.”

How great is this. So, we put it to the test. I opened the box and out came lots of stickers so he can personalize the front plate. He was searching for red because it is his favorite color and he bases all decisions and choices off of that color right now. Pink was as close to red as there was so he chose that sticker.



Next we loaded the app. I simply downloaded it, turned on my bluetooth and it connected flawlessly. We named our Sparkly coach. My son chose the name….Sparkly. Right away he got his first ‘gift’ for brushing- a tube of toothpaste to add to achievements in his app.

FullSizeRender (4)

The app has a ‘Start Brushing’ feature. Once you get some toothpaste on your Sonicare and are ready to start you press that feature. It then shows a live guide- that works around top of the mouth focusing on the back, tips and front of teeth. If you watch and mimic their brushing guide you will have a complete brushing in the recommended time. When done, open your ‘gift’. Sparkly loves rewarding for proper brushing. The brush itself has 2 levels for fast and slow speeds. Your child will likely want to start at a low setting if new to a power tooth brush. However, they may switch and that just requires 1 press of a button.

IMG_8765 IMG_8766

Find your child their Philips Sonicare For Kids Ice Age: Collision Course online at Phillips or at Amazon, Walmart and Walgreen stores for $49.99. It is a toothbrush that will last as they grow. Visit Phillips to learn more.