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Tackling The Cluttered Bathroom: How I did it!

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We just moved and as I did not gain space in this new bathroom compared to the old house, I found myself staring at boxes and boxes of beauty supplies for weeks. I could not fit them all in this bathroom and I weeded out expired and old stuff as I packed and am still left with tons of items! Ohhh the life of a review blogger! If you are tackling your own mess of products and need help to get started or to know where to start, let me show you what I did this morning!

 Step 1: Gather some Totes
 Step 2: Gather the pile…sick amount isn’t it?
 Step 3: Sort. I had a Makeup, nails, lotion, shaving, facial products, hair accessories, shampoos, shower gels, perfumes and dental piles
 Step 4: I omitted the shampoos and soaps to go into the hall closet supply shelf
 Step 5: I gathered all the travel size from the piles and put them in a bag for easy access when I travel
 Step 6: I omitted all items I currently use for my counter top & shower for easy access
 Step 7: My piles are now thinner! I grouped them into these totes and the Julep bag is feminine products to keep together but can easily get to
 Step 8: Ta-Da! It all fits. Corded items and Julep bag in the drawers, stuff I use everyday in the open and totes to easily grab from when needed!
As simple as it sounds, sometimes you just need a little encouragement! Hope this helped!

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