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T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool Review

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I was recently sent the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool by StatGear for review.I was interested in this for a few reasons. First, we are an ATV and Car geek family. We own entirely too many vehicles. NO! We don’t have a junk yard at all. We have my commuter car, my husbands commuter car, the Expedition to haul or ATV trailer and the ’69 Camaro SS which is our Garage Trophy! The trailer hauls our 5 quads and having a rescue tool may come in handy at any time for us!

When this arrived and I could pry it from my teens hands, I immediately noticed the quality. Not only is the holster it comes with very durable and well constructed, the blades and coating on the tool feels and looks like excellent quality steel. The T3 tool includes:
  • A 5 lumen LED light that is very bright and handy
  • A 440C Stainless steel half serrated blade-strong enough to cut tree limbs or heavy rope
  • A 440C Stainless steel hook blade-used to cut seat belts or clothing removal in an emergency
  • Spring-loaded steel tip window punch end
  • Stainless steel belt clip 
  • Heavy duty nylon sheath/holster
My son wants to keep it, I assume to just feel cool and my husband was trying to decide which vehicle will get this tool. NOPE! This bad boy is going in the Quad trailer so I feel confident that we have the right tool to get us out of any situation if ever we should have a problem riding the trails while quading. I have been in a situation where I really could have used this…..
A few years ago, my husband & I took a day trip-just the 2 of us-in the trails on our quads. We had been to this spot with the boys, but never ventured as far as we did this particular day. We took a left into what appeared to be a groomed trail. My husband went ahead of me and I only had a utility quad at the time, so I was a little slower as I realized, I think we are on a dirt bike trail. It was real narrow and roots and branches were everywhere. We came up on a turn going upside a hill and my husband went out of sight. I suddenly hit a root in the ground going pretty fast and when my tire hit it my quad stopped, but my body kept going forward. I remember hanging on to the handlebars after my chest flew into the bar and I stopped to get my wind back. I began taking off my helmet,  but had the sense to decide not to- I was a bit winded and if I were to pass out or fall, there is nothing but rocks and boulders below. I decided best to keep it on and I felt pain at my chest. I was afraid to look. I counted to 3 silently and peeked-PHEW! No blood or impaled marks. I got off my quad-my husband still missing and called out to him as loud as I could. As I went to sit on the ground-still a bit woozy, I felt my leg was wet. Pulled up my jeans and only then discovered, I had impaled a branch into my leg. I knew it wasn’t deep and really wasn’t painful, so that told be since nothing but bone was behind that part of my leg I could pull it. It was a split second decision to pull the branch and it bled like no other. At that point I realized-I am an idiot! I did not pack us any type of equipment or First Aid. At this point my husband runs down in a panic because I was missing a while. Because of the layout of the terrain, he could not hear my yells. Long story short after searching what I did have and brainstorming for something sterile, I ended up (believe it or not) with a tampon tied to my leg with my sock. I had taken off my sock, unwrapped a tampon from my purse (hey-STERILE!) and tied it to my would with my sock and rode back to the truck with my jeans rolled up. I never leave quading now without the ER kit and this tool would have been great! I would have had better lighting and could trim back the branches that were hanging in our way now that I had to get my quad turned around in such a narrow spot.
I will not go on a ride without this tool in our kit ever again!

For More Information About the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool
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The Video Below is a great tutorial of the Rescue Tool
Makes a Great Gift and Every Vehicle/ER Kit should have one!

Disclosure: I was sent the above item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. what a nice tool to have, i'm sure my hubby would love to have this.. we go camping a lot in the summer time and sometimes even in the winter time 🙂 Thanks for sharing n great video @tisonlyme143

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