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Sustainable & Low Mercury Tuna on A Budget

This is a promotional post for Wild Planet. Opinions are my own

Back in March I featured Wild Planet in a post where I educated you as a consumer on how to shop for tuna. In this post, you learned that no 2 cans of tuna are truly the same and described just how fresh Wild Planet is compared with other types.

I truly became a fan of Wild Planet for the passion they put into each packed can. I have a brother who is a Commercial Fisherman and live in Seattle so quality seafood as well as proper sea preservation and control is important to me. I had not known too much about buying Tuna and I educated my won self in the last post I wrote. Wild Planet is readily available and it is the only tuna I buy. I don’t even price compare I buy it because I believe in the benefits that far outweigh other brands. To me value is not monetary, it is all-inclusive.
Nutrients (as I taught in the past regarding Wild Planet)

You have heard tuna is good for you, but do you know why? Protein and Omega 3’s among other benefits are the most valuable nutrients that come from seafood. How raw and natural the seafood is packed before the cooking process will determine the value of these nutrients. Wild Planet packs their tuna steaks raw before cooking so that the nutrients stay with the product. Wild Planet Albacore Tuna has 32 grams of protein. Compare that to around 25-26 grams in most other brands. They also give you 1,384mg of Omega 3’s compared to 250-700mg on average in other leading brands. This is because Wild Planet only cooks their product once and no added oils or water is used. Even their canned salmon will leave you with as much as 700mg of Omega 3’s and that is far beyond other brands. See what happens when you properly pack seafood? You get to keep all of its nutrients!

The value is in the nutrition and getting the most out your tuna. It is such a healthy snack or meal staple and when you can cut the mercury as well as Wild Planet does, you truly have the best option when it comes to packed seafood. Learn more at

I love research and educating my own self, so feel free to ask questions and share concerns.

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