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Survival Bars: The Raw Food Body Fuel Bar that tastes good

This is a promotional post for Hallelujah Diets

With all of the nutrition bars on the market, you may want to know what makes the Survival Bar unique. You may wonder why you should choose a raw food body fuel bar over other branded bars on sale in a grocery aisle. The answer to that is very clear as you get to know the Survival Bar and why it was created so that it will stand out next to an average ‘health’ bar. 
If you click the picture above to see a larger view, what do you notice? You can just about see every ingredient with your own eyes, can’t you? That is because this is not a processed food bar, but a raw and 100% organic superfood bar.
Survival Bars come in 6 flavors: Apple Surge, Blueberry Blast, Cinnamon Explosion, Original, Cranberry Blast and Garden Fusion. I personally love the Apple Surge and Cinnamon Explosion. They all taste great though. These remind me of homemade bars I have made in the past. I love home made bars because you know every ingredient in the bar is as real as you want because the bar consists of only the ingredients you add. Survival Bars only contain the real foods your body needs to work at its peak performance. 
About Survival Bar ingredients
  • 100% organic super foods
  • Just the right amount of protein, essential fats and carbs from whole foods
  • Can be used as a meal bar
  • Only raw, organic, non-GMO foods are used
  • 100% vegan
  • No soy, salt, refined sugar, trans fats
  • No preservatives or artificial flavors or colors
  • Every step is controlled in making the bars-one facility to mix, blend, package and store the bars
Before you trouble yourself with a cooked meal when you are in a hurry or you dare to stop at a restaurant or fast food to grab a bite when you need to be at your best performance, for under $3 a bar, you have a complete meal in your hands. You know you are only eating real, raw foods and you give your body the fuel it needs and deserves!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own
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