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Survey Results: 2018 Holiday Shopping Trends

Survey Results: 2018 Holiday Shopping Trends


In September I surveyed my readers and asked them some specific Holiday shopping questions. The survey was meant to help you really understand what shopping in 2018 has come to. I include gift ideas by age, trends and more!

It is safe to say that majority of us will be shopping for children this season. For some it is their own children and grandchildren and for others it is nieces, nephews and cousins. According to the 2018 Holiday Shopping Survey at Parenting Healthy, 47% of shoppers say they are shopping equally for boys and girls, about equal is boys OR girls and not both.

I have all boys and all nephews so I feel pretty confident when it comes to shopping for boys. If I were to have a girl in the family I would have no clue. You would think most people have an idea of what they want, but actually over 57% of those surveyed here say they wing it and figure it out as they shop.

Do your kids have gift registries? I asked about how well-received such lists are and the results were that over 56% say they love getting wish lists! Then 30% say it is a bit vague and they would want the children to appreciate their choice of gift from them. So, I say go ahead and make a list. The majority appreciate it!

So, what are the kids asking for this year? There is still time for their wants to change, but as of now here are some of the hottest asks from children of all ages. Since the majority of you say you equally shop online and in-store than getting the gifts is easy, it is deciding that is the struggle

Video games and money for video games is a hit! Also, interactive art sets seem to also be a popular ask right now-bracelet making kits, sticker and bead kits. Money and gift cards are thrown in there quite a bit. Then there are books and toys i general. Drones and handheld video consoles like Nintendo Switch are mentioned also. Clothes for girls and sports clothing for boys are also being asked for by kids. Does this help?

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Let me be a bit more specific on what adults are buying for kids by age.

  • Ages 0-5: Toys! Followed by books, clothing and puzzles
  • Ages 6-10: Almost tied were video games and toys. Followed by board games, books and DVD/Blu-Ray movies
  • Ages 11-15: Gift Cards/money is a huge hit! Followed by clothing and books
  • Ages 16-18: Over 84% say gift cards/money. Followed by clothing and video games/equipment
  • The hard-to-shop-for Adult: Over 60% say gift cards. Followed by food gifts and gift baskets

So what are the popular gift cards shoppers are picking up as gifts? Amazon and Game Stop seem to be top gift card choices. This is followed by Target, Walmart, food establishments like McDonalds and XBox/iTunes. A few were to clothing retailers.

Let’s offer you some quick tips when shopping this season! What Holiday shopping topics do you need help with?

How Do I save Money?” This is actually more simple than it sounds. The best way is to start early. To get motivated, clear a shelf in a closet and put a bin or 2 inside and label GIFT CLOSET. As you shop throughout the year or come across gift card bundle deals, pick something up. Close to Christmas: make a budget and list everyone you are shopping for. Now head to your gift closet and see who you can already scratch off! Let me add, when you pre-shop save the receipts with the product in your closet-incase you find something better and you can still return what you bought!

How Do I Shop the Best Prices?” This is actually not so easy. Don’t get stuck on popular Holiday days like Black Friday, etc.. Here are 3 key tips: 1. have a general idea of your gift idea. When you think you have found a deal, pull out your phone and do a quick search and see if someone has it on a better deal or sale. 2. Save your receipt because if it goes on an even better sale most retailers (usually within 2 weeks) will let you bring the receipt in and price adjust for a refund of the difference. 3. Don’t forget to do quick searches in sites like Groupon and search for promo codes before checking out when online shopping.

What are the Newest Toys for The Little Kids?” There are so many hot toys depending on their gender and ages. The key is to stay what always seems the hottest category: Learning toys! There are so many STEM learning toys from coding robots to building kits. Just remember their siblings ages and if it is a toy that requires multiple children and they are an only child it may not get played with often. Watch commercials–sometimes when working and my son leaves on his channels I look up during commercials-what the kids want is what is shown to them during their favorite shows…dang commercials!

In all of the responses 2 people asked about husbands. I did decide to mention this because I sort of won Christmas last year with my gift to my husband and I will share what I did. We have 3 boys ages 10, and his older two that are 20 and 26. We live near Seattle and love our sports. This gift had to wait until spring but come that weekend all 5 of us used the Seattle Sounders tickets I bought and then I took the youngest home. I got my husband and the 2 older boys a hotel room right on Lake Union in Seattle and then tickets for the Seattle Mariners game the next day. So essentially he sports hopped with his boys all weekend. I also picked a weekend both the Sounders and Mariners were playing while it was a Jersey day at he baseball game so they all got Kyle Seager jerseys at the field that Sunday for free. MLS game Saturday-hotel room-MLB game Sunday and that’s how I won my husbands gift! If that’s too much-get him 2 tickets to a game even if he has to wait-let him take an older child or buddy!


On Monday my 2018 Buying Guide goes live, but you can get it today! Remember, shop early and now you have ideas!



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