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Supporting Domestic Violence: GungHo Energy Shots

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This post is to spotlight another company that proudly stepped forward to support my Domestic Violence Awareness campaign this month. I have worked with GungHo in the past and they are great to work with as they recently began reaching out to Bloggers. It took my once of asking and right away they offered up FIVE cases of their energy shots for the Giveaway Event that has already begun!

As per my previous review of their product ( I was happy to work with them because of their great pride in having developed a product I love using to give us the energy we use everyday in its most natural form!

What makes GungHo Energy Shots unique?

  • Clinically proven ingredients gives you more focus, brain energy and memory storage than energy drinks
  • No Buzz or crash
  • Added Choline naturally improves endurance
  • Ingredients naturally suppress your appetite and retain cognitivity
  • One gel pack serving size
  • Only retails about $1.60 per serving-much less than the unnatural energy drink
  • Created on the science of brain and memory function without the caffeine crash
GungHo was recently featured in an article from PR Web and you can read this research article here:
If you would like to enter to win a case (12 pack) of these energy shots, then visit the CONTEST PAGE HERE!

Please leave some words of Thanks for Danny at Gungho Energy Shots below!

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