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Super Bowl Food Options to Snack On

I have partnered with The Health Food Store for this feature

Super Bowl Food Options to Snack On

It’s hard! When trying to watch what you eat and finding motivation to start exercising, it is a hard process. With food there is so much temptation out there and unless you have the skill to make healthy taste as good as chocolate cake in your kitchen you are just left with strong cravings. I am a believer on cheat nights when changing eating habits because we have to fulfill those good feelings and some guilty pleasures are harmless when in moderation such as food cravings. The other 6 days a week can be a battle. Now we are days away from the Super Bowl-this is going to be real hard!

There will be dips and bread and tons of meat and desserts and that’s before you add some sodas and even spirits and beers all loaded with their own calories. You can always offer to bring snacks! Why? Because you will feel a bit less guilty eating a chocolate or banana chocolate chip muffin or even a deep chocolate muffin top! With Garden Lite and VitaTop you can snack this Sunday (and any other day) with less calories than baking these in your kitchen.

Garden Lites has muffins as well as soups, waffles and more. We love the chocolate and banana chocolate chip muffins that contain zucchini and carrots as the first 2 ingredients and are made of 33% veggies. 1 entire muffin is 120 calories and are dairy and nut-free.

Have you ever tried a Vita top? We love them. Just like the Garden Lites muffin, they go from freezer to ready out of the microwave in seconds. Our favorite, the Deep Chocolate Kosher VitaTops contain real cocoa, chocolate chips, whole wheat & organic sugar. Each muffin top contains 100 calories.

So grab them from the freezer section and pop in the microwave, cover and take to your Super Bowl party with you. Telling everyone you made them yourself? I’ll leave that up to your own agenda. I plan to just share with everyone about a product we all have access to that makes healthier snacking more enjoyable. Visit the product page to see all of the food and snack options.

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