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Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Organic Plant-based Protein with BCAA’s

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Organic plant-based protein with BCAA's

In my attempt to eat clean, I am always on the hunt for brands that use quality ingredients and focus on sustainability. If a brand cares about where their ingredients are sourced, I look deeper because chances are you can find a very clean label. Sunwarrior uses the finest plant-based ingredients and manufactures their own powdered products in small batches located in Southern Utah. You know this is a fresh product!

I follow an intermittent diet. I always break my fast with Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend Organic pea plant-based protein mix. I add some to almond milk and shake it together in the morning. I set it in the fridge and let it settle untilI I am ready to eat. I was sent a sample for this feature, but it just added to my stock I already had! I have been buying Sunwarrior for a while. I am proud to now partner with them.

I had narrowed my choice to buy this protein brand based on (1) I wanted a pea protein for breakfast, not whey (2) I wanted the BCAA’s and an MCT from a good source and Warrior Blend uses coconut as the MCT source (3) I needed it to digest easily especially after I have been fasted many hours (4) I wanted a strong amino acid profile. The Warrior Blend contains Arginine, Lysine, Leucine along with the BCAA’s. It was a no brainer!

Visit to get yours now! You can choose from 5 flavors! You can also find Sunwarrior on Amazon and Thrive Market.

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