Summer Snacking – Mom Style with Sconza

Summer Snacking - Mom Style with Sconza

It’s summer! The weather is warm, days are longer and vacations are on the horizon… and the kids are home! Have you shopped yet? You know you need cupboards and freezers full of food to sustain them out of school.

Snacks for the day, snacks for camp, snacks for car rides, the local swimming pool, many snacks. You will begin to feel like you may go crazy if you see one more pouch of fruit snacks and pretzel sticks.

Enter Sconza!

You will want to make room in your secret “Mommy” snack spot for these Sconza Chocolate Toffee Macadamias. Since I have tried these chocolates I have become a Sconza dealer. Everyone who comes over gets handed one because the reaction when they bite into these is of total bliss.

These Chocolate Toffee Macadamias are a caramelized Hawaiian macadamia covered in delicious milk chocolate and powdered sugar. The best guilty pleasure ever for your summer snacking!

I first saw this brand at Costco stores around Easter and then before I got back to Costco again the Sconza candies were gone. Turns out I was not the only one that fell in love with their chocolates.

A chocolate covered nut? Absolutely not! It’s a heavenly coated caramelized crunch of large macadamias. Even friends who say they do not like toffee can’t get over these.

Let me help you out! If you visit the Sconza website, you can use my promo code: eringives10 to save 10% on your order. You’ll thank me!

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