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Summer Party Fun with Drazil Kids Tea | Giveaway

I was sent kit for feature

Summer is here and out comes the kids from school and hot days. We want them to get that outdoor play and in the hot weather we want to monitor their liquid intake. We all know that in the heat, water is the best beverage to prevent dehydration and never should sugary juices or sodas and sports drinks be a substitute. I really do not keep any sports drinks or juice in the house all summer or they will want to reach for those instead. I can easily get them to drink natural teas and water when it is the only option they see available in the fridge.
My son hates drinking water so I have to find ways to flavor it naturally or make teas that can hydrate well without added sugars. Now there is Drazil Kids Teas and I allow these in my home in the hot summer. Why? Because the juice content is well under 30%, there is no added sugars, it is organic and is only about 50 calories a serving. Now Drazil wants to kick off summer with a kids tea party and you can win a party kit for you and your get together!
Your Drazil party kit comes with Drazil Kids Tea packages, stickers, napkins, tattoos, wrist bands, coloring sheets and a cooler. Everything to fancy up the kids table at a BBQ like we had last weekend. The kids LOVED the bracelets and the I went through 2 cases of juice in only 2 hours. It was 91 degrees at our BBQ so the Drazil was great to have on hand to keep the kids hydrated and another addition to their water that day.
Enter to Win
Want to enter to win a Drazil Kids Tea Party Kit? Head to the Drazil Facebook page starting Monday June 13, 2016. In July they will choose 10 winners form the entries and it could be you! At 10 winners, your odds are great. Mark your calendar starting this coming Monday!


About Drazil Kids Teas-Herbal Teas infused with Fruit Juices
  • Only around 50 calories a serving (50% less than regular juices)
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Sweetened with an infusion of fruit juices-no added sugars
  • 10% Vitamin C
  • Natural source of Antioxidants
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • A supporter of Blessings in a Backpack to feed school children on weekends
To learn more and find Drazil Kids Teas near you, visit
Stay updated and enter to win starting Monday June 13, 2016 at


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