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Summer Gift Guide Feature: Freeplay Encore Buddy Weather Alert Radio

This is a promotional post fro Freeplay. Opinions are my own

Summer Fun Gift Guide Feature
Freeplay Encore Buddy-a weather alert radio
I have had to learn a whole new way of travel this year and began to research the best products to buy as a new RV owner. We have graduated from hotels and tent camping when we go riding, to buying a toy hauler so we can ride and stay near the sand. I have had to shop for items that fit in smaller drawers as well as stock up on the emergency aids such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and alert products such as the Encore Buddy Weather Alert Radio from Freeplay.
When I would have loved to have this Encore Buddy
Last summer on our yearly lake trip we encountered and a freak storm that left us scrambling! I had drove with a friend to a store to stock up on some campsite food and while there passed the local county fair happening and pulled into the parking lot. We noticed the sky turning as if ominous clouds were coming, but we live in Wa. State so not abnormal for some rain to fall and pass. We grabbed food and while standing in line a customer behind us was on her cell phone and began repeating what she was being told out loud, “…What? Moses Lake? How long do we have…” she announced out loud that the fair was being evacuated and a wild 70 MPH windstorm that caused damage south of us is heading our way. We checked out and knew we will get stuck in the release of the fair. I call my husband back at camp who says they have to pack everything and load it in out ATV load trailer we had as the Sheriff just drove through the campground telling everyone whatever we don’t want ripped to shreds or in the lake needs to be tied down and they have about 20 minutes. We finally made it down and it took us 15 minutes to pass the frantic release of the Fairgrounds and the wind was picking up suddenly and fast! Half the camp drug boats and jet skis out of the water and the rest frantically threw all of our stuff in the trailer and we sat, holding tight and in cars until it passed. Then we had to put camp back together again! Had we had our Encore Buddy last year and set to NOAA, we would have heard the announcement so much sooner. It was frantic, my son was young and hysterical as he saw the stress and everyone running. It was chaos and we would have done much better with more than 20 minutes to prepare.
This was us waiting out that storm and 5 families camp gear in that trailer-ATV’s tied together and chained down. You never know when a storm may hit-we have camped here every year and never encountered anything like this. Be prepared!
Freeplay Encore Buddy Features:
  • Automatically broadcasts NOAA (USA Version) emergency weather alerts setting
  • Digital tuner finds AM/FM and NOAA stations clear and crisp
  • Four power methods: solar, hand crank, USB and AC wall
  • 6 hours of use at full charge
  • 5V 1A USB port will charge your cell phone/device
  • LED flashlight with 3 super bright LED’s
  • Retractable antenna
  • Headphones port
  • Wrist laynard for easy carry


I was able to tune into my favorite stations flawlessly. Whether there are alerts to summer storms or a sudden need to charge our device, the Encore Buddy will be kept in our ATV so we are always prepared!
Learn more and make sure you stay safe with this or other similar products that fit your needs from
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