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Summer Fun with Nancy B’s Science Club Bug Discovery Lab & Journal

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With summer here and the long days ahead with kids out of school, we need entertainment for them. When the toys that entertain best are also educational we keep them learning year round and the Nancy B’s Science Club Bug Discovery Lab from Educational Insights & Incredible Insects Journal is a great way to keep the kids motivated in science. My son was immediately intrigued and grabbed the journal to learn how to use his lab.
Nancy B’s Science Club Bug Discovery Lab contents
  • Portable bug terrarium with soft plastic handle
  • Built-in 2x and 3x magnifiers
  • Breathing holes and mirrored bottom
  • Pit trap with funnel
  • Bug catcher with easy insect catch and release with breathing holes
  • 22 page activity journal


My son wanted to use the funnel so we dug a small hole near the flower bed and burried it until ground level. He waited and waited until he had to leave for school. When he got home he ran from the car to see what he caught. There was a giant slug and an ant.
He grabbed some dirt and a leaf to create a terrarium environment and observed his first catch. Once done he brought the funnel pit back to the yard and released the insects. He then buried his funnel again to continue trying to catch different insects…


It is educational, includes everything your child needs to be independent insect scientists and will occupy them on those long summer days. Such a great gift idea for those birthday party invites. Learn more at Educational Insights. You can also get your Bug Discovery Lab on Amazon.
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