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Summer Building with Click-A-Bricks

This is a promotional post for Click-A-Brick. Opinions are my own

Blocks, building sets, play sets-if you have kids you have bins full of toys meant to entertain. As a Mom, I love finding toys that build skills such as logic, problem solving and creativity. With Click-A-Bricks, they can build with bricks in a way unlike they are used to! These building sets will teach motor skills and spatial reasoning among others. 
These Click-A-Brick sets have bricks that will connect together from all 4 sides in a way to create angles and build a 3D figure. My son immediately started free-building and has since pulled the Click-A-Bricks booklet from the box that shows him how he can use this one set to build all of the above vehicles. But, he saw the bricks and at first, thought Robots and built one to start!
These bricks are extremely durable and the imagination couldn’t run out of ideas on the creations that can be made with these Click-A-Bricks. Keep them building and learning this summer!
You can find these sets on Amazon or at

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