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Sugar Bowl Bakery Offers Holiday Dessert Ideas

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Not everyone has the baking itch. I love to bake for Christmas so I don’t do too much for Thanksgiving gatherings. I work at the High School and work right up to the day before Thanksgiving so I don’t have that winter break before the holiday like I get at Christmas. Sugar Bowl Bakery makes for great dessert foods when you want as closed to home baked as possible.

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I have to say that my favorite are the Batter Crisps. I know that Sugar Bowl Bakery is known for their super soft madeleines, but until these crips arrived did it get much better. The Batter Crisps come in four, delicious varieties: Devil’s Food, French Vanilla, Carrot Cake and Lemon Snow — which merges lemon and coconut flavors.

holiday dessert cookies

Perfect for the holidays are the Pumpkin Spice Madeleines. All Madeleines offer 0g trans fat and there are no preservatives.

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The Brownie Bites are a hit too such as the duet bites my son loves. The award-winning bakery’s lines of high-quality baked goods are sold at various supermarket chains and warehouse clubs.

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So go ahead and save time over the holidays and save the kitchen mess. It is very easy to create a colorful spread with various Sugar Bowl Bakery treats. Find at stores like Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Amazon and other retailers.

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