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Suffering From Heartburn? Eat These 5 Summer Food Favorites

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Suffering From Heartburn? Eat These 5 Summer Food Favorites

Summertime is for long days, warm weather and meals on the grill. We judge our grilled food by the best grill marks, juices we can keep in the meat and the sauces we drown the meat and poultry in. With sauces and spices comes heartburn for many. Add in a cold beer with those mounds of saucy chicken legs you devoured and you can end up in hours of acid reflux discomfort. Did you know there are some summer favorites you can consume that ease general heartburn? Add these to you meal and see what happens for you.

Celery has been known to calm indigestion according to It contains so many beneficial compounds for pain and inflammation. Adding celery to salads or having a plate of celery sticks handy to munch on while waiting for dinner to cook can help you out later on with the pains and discomfort of acid reflux. Have you tried consuming celery before a heartburn-filled meal? Heck, I might even suggest a stick of celery in your adult drink or nightly beer to snack on.

Nothing says summer like cool fruit salads and adding papaya and pineapple to your salads and dessert can add some benefits to heartburn sufferers. Papaya enzymes helps break down and better digest proteins like your meats. Pineapple has a bunch of enzymes but even better, it contains compounds that help to protect the lining of your stomach.

How about some fresh apple pie? OK, apple pie may be a bad example of foods for heartburn but it’s the popular spice we use that can help you out. So, let’s think of all the ways to add cinnamon to your summer desserts or drink. Cinnamon minimizes gasses naturally.

The 5th of several foods that can benefit those suffering from heartburn is peppermint and I use this myself for indigestion and even for my son who has digestion issues often. Peppermint has been used for centuries to help with digestion. Fresh peppermint in your tea or vanilla ice cream or mints after the greasy meal can help.

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