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Subarz – biscotti with the sweetness of a cookie

When I don’t know what to buy as a gift or have to bring a Secret Santa or office gift, food and sweets is always a hit. Even better is finding something uniqued and packaged in beautiful wrap and designs. Subarz is a great gift option for the Holidays, Valentine’s Day and special occasions.

What is Subarz? These delicious flavors are a cross between mandelbread/biscotti and the sweetness of a cookie. With varieties available as gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free you can gift to just about anyone on your list. Because most of the moisture is baked out, Subarz can last up to 8 weeks and even longer.

Holiday orders have passed, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you can place your order for January and February deliveries. Order one flavor you think will be a hit or a sampler box like I have been enjoying. Visit Subarz today!

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