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Storied Myth adds diversity and physical play to online app gaming

This is a promotional post. I was provided access to the app and toys

With this technology age our children live in, they have traded so much physical play for tablet time. Perhaps this is effective exercise for the brain but not for the body or other physical skills. Storied Myth is an app for your iPad that combines tablet time with real play as well as an added dose of diversity.
Storied Myth Features
Once you register you get stories and Chapter 1 for free and your first puzzle will arrive in the mail to play along. By becoming a subscriber, you get the next Chapter each month as well as all offline activities in the mail so you can play along and unlock puzzles within 3D animations. With each puzzle your child unlocks, new adventures become available. The subscription costs only $9.99 a month for all of the access into the adventures and solve puzzles to help the characters search for the mythical pendant. It takes the subscription to move the story forward, but fun can still be had if you are limited to registering and starting the fun for free.

Meet the characters
The Tales from Pangea divide these friends according to their locations within the area map of play. The East characters are Luv & Kush and Manish & Takara. The West characters are Adamma & Boots and Mateo & Olvia. Each pair of characters have skills and stories that you can read about in the menu once you register. Get to know the team as you will encounter and play with them throughout the Chapter stories and games.
Diversity in Apps

Storied Myth is derived from the same company that is a founding member of Diversity in Apps. This group is a place where app developers can join and promise to share diversity in their online games. This allows apps to feature a diversity regarding ethnicity and abilities in the characters displayed. Storied Myth is proud to offer the latest research and best practices for diversity in children’s media.
With the Holidays coming, gifting a subscription that keeps on coming is so exciting for the kids. They will be able to finish a Chapter and puzzle and will be anxiously awaiting the next one in the following month. Every kids loves mail and you can get so much more that stories, but real life puzzles to make play at home happen beyond the tablet screen.
Learn more and get started today by registering at Then head over to the Storied Myth Facebook page where you can stay updated on app features and happenings.
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