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STOPit Cyberbullying Protection from your phone

Do you know the statistics for bullying? I want to start by sharing a few with you! 87% of youths report having witnessed cyberbullying and 24% of youths say they do not know what they should do if they witness it. Many of the youths that do know what to do if they witnessed cyberbullying would be too afraid of getting caught by their peers if they were to report it. Now add that to the 50% of youth that say that have been involved personally in an argument due to something posted on social media and the 45% of youth who say they would change their behavior online if they knew their parents were watching! That gives us an online world run by youth, devastating lives with little adult supervision. Sgt. Tom Rich brings us STOPit! This is a tool for every parent to download for their child and to use in your discussion about cyberbullying with them. You have had that discussion, haven’t you?
Set up is easy! Download the app, program adults, school contacts and local enforcement into the profile. Have the discussion about cyberbullying! Put the power of righting the wrong in your child’s hands with the confidence that they will remain anonymous in their reporting. If you give them examples of right and wrong, show them how to use STOPit, the conversation will be in the back of their minds with the app in their hands and they should never doubt what to do the next time they see online conflicts getting out of hand. The fact that STOPit was created by a Sgt in New Jersey helps them relate to the reality of the effects of cyberbullying. It is more tan a reporting tool, it is a site and app full of information and contacts for help.
Visit, download the App today, get used to it and teach your children. They just may save the end of a sad life for another peer of theirs. 

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