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Stop fevers fast with Children’s Advil #ChildrensAdvilSugarFree

This is a promotional post for Smiley360 and Advil

As cold and flu season hits, so do our children’s fevers. With my boys, Advil has always been my go to for pains and their Children’s Advil Fever is just as effective. A few nights ago my 6 year old came in our room crying in the middle of the night. This is abnormal and he started uncontrollably crying as he complained of leg pain. I quickly assessed if he fell out of bed, had marks anywhere like he slept wrong but nothing. I try to comfort him and tell him they are growing pains and we all get them. He agreed to a hot 3am bath and I reached for his Advil. As the Advil started working as he soaked in warm water, the cries lessened and he climbed into bed with us and fell asleep fast!
What makes Advil so great is that they offer dye-free varieties in Berry and White Grape. My son likes the berry taste. There is no sugar and one dose lasts 8 hours!
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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. Opinions are my own

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