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Stocking Up with Lower Prices at Discount School Supply #FunWithArt

Stocking Up with Lower Prices at Discount School Supply

If I were to tell you about a supply stock up shopping experience by just showing you the above photo of random items, would you have any idea why I stocked up on paper, buckets and a clock? None of these items have any relation to each other, but when you have Holidays/Birthdays coming up you stock up on cards and gift items. Then when you have a tween who keeps using the excuse, “I didn’t stop playing Xbox because I didn’t know what time it was”.. you need a clock to stomp out that excuse ASAP.

Discount School Supply has great prices and I have a busy few weeks so I sat on my couch late at night and grabbed by card/gifting supplies and that clock for the game room, paid great prices and checked that task off my list without driving to a store!

craft supplies

I have a bin of stamps and stickers and if I keep myself supplied on construction paper and envelopes I have greeting cards I can actually afford. When I have a birthday to head to I grab my paper, throw on some stickers and write a message and slip in an envelope. I address it, add some pretty stuff on the envelope and the birthday card is done (and for a lot less then the outrageous card prices in store). Even my son will craft out cards each season with me for upcoming birthdays.

card craft

The stickers I collect at yard sales or dollar sales and the paper was $2.40 for 50 sheets. That makes 100 greeting cards since I halve the sheets then fold each half to make a card.

gift ideas

Our middle son has a birthday approaching and being a Mom of boys and Aunt to nephews I need ‘guy’ gifts. They love gift cards and I love pairing a gift card with an actual gift and because they are little men, these buckets are much more appealing to them than a basket. I buy these bins in bulk (just $21 for a set of 4 at Discount School Supply) and add some of the stickers from my card bin and put the gifts inside. Much better than a gift card in a white envelope.

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gift bin

No matter the need, if it creates art or hangs in an office or homework room, Discount School Supply has it. They have great prices, 110% guaranteed (they really communicate well on orders and want you happy) and right now there is a FREE SHIPPING OFFER!

Free Shipping on stock merchandise over $33
Offer valid 9/30/19 – 11/3/19.
Code 33OCT19 required at time of order.

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Melissa L Cushing

This is pretty cool as I do love to craft and create things as well and always have a craft section somewhere in my home. I keep everything in a bin now that we can grab when we need it but I remember my grandmother having a craft station in her basement and it was like a crafters dream!

Kelli A

I love finding great deals on school supplies and art supplies! They are my guilty pleasure, the more the merrier! lol

Melanie Walsh

My daughters all inherited my love for crafting. And all crafters can tell you that you’ve got to have supplies on hand for the times when inspiration hits. Love that you found a way for us to stock up with spending a ton!