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Stocking Stuffer – KETO Friendly – Just the Cheese Baked Protein Snacks

Stocking Stuffer - KETO Friendly - Just the Cheese Baked Protein Snacks

Chances are you or someone you know is watching their carb intake. Whether you know someone counting carbs simply or following a paleo or KETO diet, finding a good-tasting high protein, low carb snack is tough. The food seems to be sub-par to traditional snacks we know and used to eat. My go-to for a crunchy keto friendly snack that actually satisfies is Just the Cheese baked cheese snacks.

Just the Cheese

I have had the chance to try all of the flavors and although I am not a jalapeno fan so I won’t let my opinion weigh your judgement because I will never tell you ‘anything’ jalapeno tastes good, the rest are fantastic.

These snacks are 100% Wisconsin cheese baked to a crisp in an oven and that is all. Nothing artificial added, just the cheese (hence, the name). They come in cheese bars and mini bites.

Keto snack

They are the perfect stocking stuffer when a candy bar won’t be appreciated. I love the bites when watching TV at night. The bars a good snack size also, 2 bars in each bag.

Keto protein snacks

You can find Just the Cheese snacks on Amazon, NaturaMarket (Canada) and in some East Coast stores like Wegmans and natural markets. Also visit Just The Cheese and order there. Stock up for the Holidays and after $50 you get free shipping!

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