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Still in love with my PEAK Fit System program! #Review

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Peak Fit System™

What is it about staying fit makes it hard to keep motivated? I know I am not the only one with that problem? Is it time? Convenience? Stress? For me it is all the above. Yet I know how great I feel after a good workout. Working out provides me more than body health, it is a time to let your mind run and clear your head a bit. I had been a YMCA member for over a year and I started out strong, but then my son’s swimming classes changed and I was going after work and getting home late which means we were eating late and my son was getting to bed late so I stopped going.

My next attempt…a $10 DVD I bought at Target. It was OK, but I was unmotivated doing the same 3 little workouts in no particular order. Then I was fortunate enough to be sent the PEAK Fit System program. You may have seen this on TV as I had. I wondered why does it seem to cost the way it does? What DVD can be worth that? Then I thought how much I wasted paying for gyms and never going. Let me tell you…I would pay double knowing what it is all bout now!

Peak Fitness gets an A+ and let me tell you why!

  • The Peak Fit System has 8 workouts and a chart! Yes a chart that maps out which workout to do each day so you stay in a rhythm that isn’t repetitive
  • You get a rest day and a mid-program results summary you do for yourself.
  • Every workout has an Intro to really get to know that workout and understand what your body will gain
  • You get the best band I have ever used in a workout
  • You get extras like a measuring tape, Nutrition guide and 2 additional CD’s
  • You will get Cardio workouts, strength training, flexibility and an anytime. anywhere CD
I love that the chart is available. I use it every workout as my guide. My favorite workout is the core dynamics. I feel so solid and it is a quick and effective 20 minute workout. I have substituted  this at times when I am running behind and can’t stick to a 30 minute routine for the night. At first I used it 3 solid weeks, then left on vacation for 8 days. Came back and did here and there before finding my rhythm again. I am now back on it. It was not without improvements even in those 3 weeks I was consistent. I was down 4 pounds and lost over an inch in my waist and saw form in my abs and arms. I know Peak Fit will have me more than confident this summer when I am dressed in less! I am healthy conscious, love a great workout and have tried them all and I promise this workout is the best, most motivating system out there. It is worth every penny and is my best friend. I know I cheated and had not got back to it like I should have and it frustrates me when I know where I would be if I had stuck to it. After feeling so proud about myself after the first 3 weeks, I will stay strong on it going forward without a doubt. The program is best explained in the video below and the reviews given are 100% real..I relate to all their opinions!


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Disclosure: I was provided the above system for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I choose to only review products I know my readers will love and benefit from

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4 thoughts on “Still in love with my PEAK Fit System program! #Review”

  1. this is motivating. well so far today i've been reading tips for weight loss. I'm actually a gym member and i go to zumba class and other workout class

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