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Step by Step Brown Butter & Myzithra Recipe

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We are a family that eats out a lot and I have certain dishes I always get at certain restaurants. The Brown Butter & Myzithra is my favorite Spaghetti Factory Dish and although I don’t pretend to be some super insightful connoisseur that has a secret Spaghetti Factory recipe, I do know that there is a lazy way to make the dish and the correct way. You can find this recipe all over the internet, I hope my post with pictures as a guide can help simplify this cheap, easy dish!

Noodles of choice-I used standard Spaghetti Noodles
Myzithra-found in season in Grocer’s deli cheese section-buy grated or grate yourself on small grater setting
1 C butter
1 Tblsp Olive Oil (for the noodle boiling-keeps noodles from sticking)
A meat of choice (optional)


Boil Noodles Al dente
Cut 1 C butter into smaller pieces and bring to a slow boil (med-high setting) in a saucepan-let boil an additional 5 minutes after “foaming” starts. It will foam almost immediately. Stir frequently as an overboil can cause grease fire. You will seee the foam settle and stop. Stir an additonal 1-2 minutes until you get an Amber color
After that Amber color forms, gently pour butter through a strainer into a smaller bowl. Be careful to not disturb the contents at the bottom of the pan. Those particles are not meant for your dish!
Cover butter so it stays warm until meats/pasta ready. Put some pasta on the plate, add meat and about 1/4 cup Myzithra and drizzle about 1/4 C hot butter over it. Voila!
Sorry for the image quality-looked good on camera  screen and boys were pacing for their dinner!

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9 thoughts on “Step by Step Brown Butter & Myzithra Recipe”

  1. I think my waistline grew throughout your review. Butter Butter… It was good that you added pictures of your process or I wouldn't be able to follow the recipe, with regards to the butter. Perhaps instead of Alfredo (our cheat pasta dish) I may try this out. I wonder if you've ever substituted the type of cheese you use? A chef salad would go nicely beside this I think.

  2. This dish looks so interesting, and I like to try different food recipes all the time. I would love to give this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing this unique dish!

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