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STEM Learning Building Toys

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STEM Learning
STEM learning has become a crucial part of childhood education. Not only does it provide a strong academic foundation but it brings out the creativity in children through science and math. Toys labeled at STEM learning are such a great way to encourage that learning at home. These toys will include building, science and engineering tasks suitable by age. STEM play is equally important for boys and girls at any age.


Brackitz and Assessment Services provide durable wood stacking planks that have 4 sided connectors for a more diverse play. Kids are not limited to building one design-the planks are interlocking from all sides and the imagination can become limitless as they build and create anything that comes to mind.
There are several types of building sets offered by the Brackitz brand and they can be found through Assessment Services that offers tools to encourage STEM  learning from toys to teacher and parent resources. The set we have below is the Brackitz Inventor 28 Piece Set. My son made a plane, bowl and mirror in one sitting of play. The mirror turned him a bit goofy….


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