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I live in Washington State where the days can be warm and the evenings get cold very fast. We have so many outdoor activities that happen in this beautiful state of ours and planning for an outdoor day and evening activity means bundling, layers or carrying coats around. Many times, we like to hop on the ferry and spend some time in Seattle, have dinner and come home. Knowing that the sail home will be cold means carrying jackets or wearing them and being too warm as we spend time in the crowded market. Chilly Jilly has solutions and my Chilly Jilly Oversized Wrap is the perfect all-day companion when I need warmth later on.
Because it is so versatile in the way you wear it, I can wear it as a scarf or bunch it up as a shorter sleeved wrap and then roll it down until it covers my arms if I get chilly. It comes in colors and styles that match your taste and I love my black wrap as it goes with almost everything. The fabric is just heavy enough that it really keeps me warm when temperatures start to drop while feeling like a light wrap during the day.

How you decide to wear the wrap you decide on is up to your creativity. Change your style as you move through your day. The Venezia fabric is wrinkle-resistant, folds small and keeps you warm. It is double-brushed for a softer feel and is sewn in the USA. It comes in a decorative bag so you can fold it up and fit in your purse for convenience. Take it to dinner, a boat ride, the beach and anywhere else you need the extra warmth yet still feel light and dressed up.

Chilly Jilly products
  • The Wrap
  • The Oversized Wrap
  • The Jilly Jacket
  • The Wrapper Blanket
  • The Lounge Pant
  • The Gloves
  • The Duellette
The Chilly Jilly makes an excellent gift as we head into spring and the days are warm and the nights are still cool! Visit and stay updated on specials and products by following Chilly Jilly on Facebook

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